Pains in the Butt -_-

June 28, 2005 @ 6:29 pm

First of all. I want to say, you see a real person's character when they think you're not looking. Anyway…


Second of all, I'm SICK and TIRED of racists. They have NO good reason for it. But that's a whole different story. Moving on…


This is in reply to Samantha's post. Obviously either I'm blocked from her site or comments are disabled completely. She has posted things DEFINITELY more than one time on her xanga making all this public when I have kept quiet. I was going to comment this on her xanga, but obviously I can't, so I have to make this post on here.

"Yes, you HAVE changed. You've changed to the point where you can say SH*T right off the tip of your tongue. Where you can WISH for someone to die. I think there's enough people dying out there already. That was NASTY of you to WISH for Steven to die.

I know I have changed. We all have. But not everyone has turned NASTY. I HAVE NEVER and NEVER WILL say sh*t when I don't mean it. I have never and WILL NEVER wish DEATH upon someone that doesn't deserve it. I have never and WILL NEVER say I HATE you Samantha, but I will never FORGIVE you.

Do you know why I never replied back to you? Because I will NEVER FORGIVE YOU. I will never forgive you for myself. And I will never forgive you for Steven. I didn't reply to you because I didn't want any more "public drama". I DID post on my xanga a while ago if you guys wanted to hear what I had to say, you'd have to ask for it. Otherwise I'm not going to try ANYMORE. But obviously, you had to post on your xanga AGAIN and AGAIN. You think just like that everyone will FORGET what happened and say, hey man, it's nothing?! No.

Don't make it sound like we're the bad guys. What you said was AWFUL.

Do you expect us to be friends with you after all the NASTY things you've said? If you do, you've got another thing coming. I have never and WILL NEVER forgiven HATE.

OF COURSE mere MEMORIES will NEVER erase the horrible things you've done NOW. The PAST WILL NEVER make up for the PRESENT. What good person you may have been in the past, is the past. And the past will NOT help you now. APOLOGIES will NEVER erase HATE and HURTFUL words.

You asked why couldn't you and I be friends, like I am with James, Jazmin, Steven, and Jaredth again. Why? Because I LOVE THEM and they have NEVER intentionally said ANYTHING to hurt me. And they CARE about me. And they have NEVER said HURTFUL SH*T to me. We have a STRONG bond and all of this has made us STRONGER.

I may regret about being sad and angry about all of this. But I do NOT regret it has happened. Why? Because only the STRONGEST friendships survive. And I have seen that from my BEST FRIENDS. Friendships that crumble and die are meant to be that way. This entire situation has let me pick out who has been my real friend and who hasn't.

You know it hurts when people talk about you. So why do you have to do it as well and say NASTY things? Even when you said you were sorry, you posted MORE nasty things afterwards. What kind of impression do you think that leaves? You're supposed to LIVE and LEARN. Things have happened to you. You are supposed to learn from them. But obviously you have not, because you treat others like you have learned nothing. Do onto others as you would have them do onto you. Think about all that crap you said. How would you feel if we said that same crap to you? Not too nice, is it?

I'm sorry if you're hurt. But I just want to let you know you've hurt MORE people MORE than you'd ever imagine. And I am NOT exaggerating. I PROMISE. So don't act like you're the only victim in this.

So I agree, good bye forever. I'm glad you're going to move on. Because I already have. I already told you I wanted you ERASED from my life. And I am NEVER going to take that back. However, I will ALWAYS remember the horrible things you said though. Why? Because it teaches me to never trust you again. But I guess I have to say it again, good bye forever."



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