Black kitty love

September 13, 2013 @ 2:25 pm

Soup kitchen update; I decided to volunteer for morning shifts instead and I'm much happier with my duties. ^_^ The others who were there for community service hours (issued from court) weren't so happy with the endless chopping, but I love food prep so it was cool with me. It's crazy to think we went from a few tomatoes to filling up a huge tub of diced tomatoes and onions for pico de gallo!

As I mentioned before, I look extremely young. This one girl, who I thought was in her 20s, revealed that she was 15 years old and was at the kitchen for probation and also went to rehab. I was shocked to find she was still a teenager, so I popped the big question of how old I look. Their thinking was, "Well if she is 15…you must be, like, 12." LOL. When I revealed I was 23, that was when I realized most of the people around me were still teenagers but looked much older than me…

The boyfriend is back in the U.S.! It feels weird that he's back to living 5 minutes away from me again. It still feels like he's still overseas on his vacation. The month that he was away felt like I suddenly didn't have a boyfriend anymore since I stopped seeing him or going out on dates with him completely for a month. I thought I'd go crazy in my loneliness without him, but I guess I've been keeping myself productively busy so I am in the same state as I was before he left…don't worry. You don't have to picture a shrunken and sickly Kim. I am ok. Haha.

(Random health note just for my own reference: at first my left arm felt like it was mildly sprained or something because it would hurt to extend my arm all the way. Then after about a week it went away and now my ring finger of the same arm is sore/hurts when moved far back. Weird. Hopefully that goes away just like my arm pain did. And the back of my left jaw hurts when I yawn too widely…it's kinda going away though after maybe a week although I'm not so sure yet. What's with these random pains??? @_@ lol. I may not look old but I feel old.)

And I leave you with the extremely friendly black cat that I pet each time when I go out for a run in my neighborhood! And yes this is the same one that bit me that one day…but I think that was the one time I might have accidentally brushed against his belly and set him off. I'm much more careful and aware of my exposed flesh when petting him now *sweatdrop*

Black Cat



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  1. Cat says:

    That's awesome that you're volunteering at a soup kitchen! I'm glad the morning shift is working out better. That's funny that they thought you were 12 though, haha. They're more than 10 years off!

    A month can feel like a long time without seeing someone. I'm glad you didn't go crazy!

    Aha, that's weird that you're getting random pains. Hopefully they all go away and it's nothing major. Sometimes I think I must have slept funny if random parts start hurting.

    Aw, cute kitty!
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  2. Agent Q says:

    That's pretty awesome how you get to do the cool stuff with the soup kitchen. I think of it as such because I love seeing the gratified faces of those who enjoy the food I helped make, prepare, etc. Not to mention, morning shifts have their own perks as well. :)

    What a beautiful [stray?] cat! I find black cats to be the most elegant of all types, which may explain my bias. Oh well, it's true though.
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  3. Ella says:

    You'd be amazed at how many children go through the court system and are sentenced to do community service. I work at the court office for my province and it was just hard for me to believe at times. I had to type up an arrest warrant for a 12 year old girl for breaches! But good for you for volunteering your time. I passed by the homeless shelter every day on my way to work last summer and I really wanted to help out. I'm just nervous to sign up by myself. =(

    I can relate (in a way) to how old people think I am. Like I said, I do work at the court office and everyone there is older than me. This one girl, who I thought was my age, turned out to be 10 years older than me. Everyone there thinks I'm at least 25, which you'd imagine I would find a bit offensive, but I really don't mind. I'd rather they think that I'm older than finding out that I'm just 20 and calling me a baby. I go by the saying that age is just a number and maturity defines you more. ;) Probably because not many people guess younger than my real age. Personally, I don't think I look that old, but I find that the people I'm around are usually older than me.

    That is a beautiful cat! We have a couple of stray cats here that we feed and basically call our own. I'm just outside of the city so stray cats are free to roam the area. It's getting chilly again though and soon the snow will fall. It gets colder than -50 degrees Celsius here, so my mom and I let them inside the house to warm up and eat on cold days.

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