October 28, 2013 @ 10:24 pm

Still working on my time management…sorry. T_T I should make a better effort…maybe going back to completing lists will help me get priorities straight? I love lists but I haven't figured out which one works for me best (several phone apps, white boards, on paper, etc).

I've been making lots of random food lately! Spaghetti one day. Also made banana bread pudding and then banana bread/cake with cream cheese frosting. We had 6 super overripe bananas (think completely black peels) and I wanted to use them up somehow. On Sunday, my boyfriend and I made okonomiyaki (Japanese type of pancake)! It was scrumptious! Today we made California rolls! They taste soo much better than store-bought Cali rolls. I love actual raw sushi, but I don't trust myself to make that at home. ;)

I finished all seasons of Genshiken the anime (love it!!!) and started watching Attack on Titan (super engaging). Grimm third season is started back up again and I hope to watch that soon! I was also one of those people who had never seen Star Wars either, so I finally watched 2 of the Star Wars movies already. I'm so glad I did; I finally get some of the popular references we all know about and the movies themselves are great! I don't have to feel so out of the loop anymore! 8-) Can't wait to finish it.

With less fun news, things are still shaky at my internship and at work…hopefully this week will prove to be better.



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  1. Kim says:

    Cooking is always fun. It's a stress reliever for me. Hope things stabilize at your work and internship! Happy Halloween!

  2. Helen says:


    Keep reminding them that you're new. At one of my other jobs, it took me about 1-2 months to get everything down without making mistakes – especially since you work in a medical environment, which is a lot more information-intensive than retail or other service environments.

  3. Kya says:

    Making lists is such a great thing. I went through the stage where I couldn't find the medium that I was happy with. I used some apps for a while, then realised I liked actually writing them down on paper (have a little notebook for it specially) and like crossing them off with a highlighter. xD

    That food sounds so good! :D

    That is great about the TV shows. I don't think I have actually watched all of the Star Wars movies. I know I have seen most of them, but some only bits, and I am not sure if in the right order…. xD

    I hope things improve at the internship and work, that would make things hard. *hug*
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