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To be honest, I’m not very good at card games, and I don’t know how to play that many either. However! I have someone’s story I would like to share with you…

During my freshman year of college I lived in a dorm, and one of my roommates started dating a guy. Let’s call him Pokerboy. He was quite the slacker in terms of class, but his real goal was to be a poker star. A full-time professional poker player. We all scoffed at him, and my personal input to him was, “You should really finish college first so you can have a degree to fall back on, just in case.” I didn’t forget to add in, “But if you do win a lot of money, don’t forget to graciously give some money to me! :D” haha. So make your bets now. Do you think Pokerboy made a lot of success, or did he end up a penniless bum, or did he finish college first?

And the result is…success with poker! …so far, at least. I am not a close friend to Pokerboy, but I did hear of his triumphs and during one contest he won over 150,000 dollars. Wow!!!┬áIt’s amazing isn’t it? He’s my year, so he is my age. That means he became a really successful rookie starting already in his early twenties. I was definitely shocked in such luck and skill. I believe he used some of that money and took his family, along with his girlfriend (my former roommate) on vacation! (For a while her profile pictures on FaceBook was her swimming with a cute dolphin!) Oh that lucky girl *_* . I remember hoping that she would not become the wife of a gambling addict who had no money. Well, that could very well still be the case in the future, but if Pokerboy plays his cards right and keeps it up, she won’t be in danger of that.

I think whether anyone hits such luck in life as Pokerboy did or not, it’s always best to approach this type of thing with a lot of caution, common sense, and modesty. It is gambling after all, and something not to be taken very lightly because it could very well ruin lives. Check out Poker Clowns for some really good tips and rules. It brings to my attention a very good reminder – that there is online gaming nowadays and it is very easy to begin gambling online. That calls for cheaper fees, and complete convenience, but it also calls for more caution for something that is so easy to access!

I think the most memorable tip that Poker Clowns listed on their site is to always keep poker as a fun thing to do! Right? It’s about having fun! If you can hit it big, that is great, but whether you’re losing or winning, it’s really important to remember why you are doing it. It’s a game. Enjoy yourself. Once you start taking it too seriously (in a bad way), that’s a slippery slope to obsession and debt.

Poker Clowns looks like a really minimalistic but informative site (well-written too, I would say) for people who are interested in playing poker and want to give it a go. They’ve got those great tips I talked about, some basic rules, etiquette, and other information.

Oh yeah, remember that little addition about donating some money to myself if Pokerboy ever got big? haha, well that didn’t happen. Perhaps I should have been nicer to him. I kid, I kid ^_^ Be responsible when playing!

About two weeks ago I went to a state beach and it is one of the more obscure beaches, so we thoroughly enjoyed its reasonably emptiness and peacefulness. Have you ever found a less populated place that feels something like a wonderful secret?

Hiking down to the beach

In California, we have tons of beaches since we are right along the coast near the ocean. For some reason, all of my friends and peers seem to go to one particular beach. Sometimes they go to other beaches. But none of them are as quiet, clean, and peaceful as the one I went to. It makes me wonder why, but I suppose I know the possible answers. It is one of the smaller beaches that is hidden away and it requires some extra walking & a small hike (on paved road, however) down the little cliff to reach the beach, as you can see in my photograph. It’s a little more work than the usual beach, where people just park their car in the parking lot and walk a few feet to the sand.

Unpopulated & Peaceful

It’s quite satisfying to reach the beach only after a short walk & hike. It feels like you’ve left behind the man-made parking lots and have reached a little cove of pure nature. Our beaches these days require a steep $15 entrance in order to park your car. While it’s quite the fee if you plan to go to the beach often, I think this is the one beach that justifies the price. It keeps out any weirdos who harass people or steal their stuff. The beach is so well-kept, clean, and less populated. I can walk along the entire beach and not find a piece of trash.

In contrast, if you go to the more populated beach I mentioned earlier, you are most likely 2 feet away from the next person when you pick a spot to put down your towel and umbrella. I dig my feet in the sand for 30 seconds and can pick up at least 4 pieces of trash. Sometimes I can’t believe how polluted it is.

I suppose that’s what some of the beaches have discovered and taken serious note of. The cleaner beaches seem to have no bonfire pits, while the more polluted beaches have bonfire pits where we beachgoers like to cook up some food and let the wrappers fall to the sand. D:

His feet & mine - his feet are pretty small

The center of attention for today’s story is not how lovely (which it totally is) my favorite beach is, but the “unfortunate” event that happened at this beach. My boyfriend and I were playing with a frisbee (which we totally sucked at throwing & catching at first, but improved!). It was all good and fun, until I threw the frisbee to the side. My boyfriend made a dive to catch it, and well, kind of slipped. You know what else fell? His glasses.

Oh. My. Goodness. You know that state of being where you are stuck between really concerned for the person, and laughing until you can’t breathe anymore? Yeah, I was somewhere between there. I was more in the cracking-up region before I helped him retrieve the glasses. However, when it was obvious that we seriously would never find his pair of glasses ever again, the mood was pretty somber because he was pretty ticked off. To be honest, it kind of ruined the rest of the day.

But in the end, we were able to laugh at the incident again and were still in disbelief that he really lost his glasses to the ocean. LOL. Let me elaborate. My boyfriend had those glasses for a long time, and refused to wear his new ones. He claimed that his old glasses were more comfortable, lighter & unbreakable. I think being stubborn should be added to the list of reasons, probably ranking among #1 or 2 :p The old pair of glasses was so loose on his face that it would fall off every time he looked down or even sneezed. It was truly hilarious and for a long time I urged him to finally let them RIP so he could wear his new glasses instead. I gave up eventually. He prided himself on not losing his glasses or breaking them. Till that one fateful day at the beach, he lost them at sea. hahaha. Oh man. It’s okay honey, you look good in your new pair of glasses. 8-)

I never got a chance to blog about it because my blog was in shambles at the time and I was in the midst of exams…

It’s usually a sad thing when life is unnecessarily cut short. It wasn’t a friend nor a student on campus. It was a professor, but his death felt really relevant to my own life. I was utterly shocked when I found out.

You see, the university sends out emails about any types of alerts or important news. The last one being that there was a man found dead in the pool at a residence near school. No homicide was suspected. It was unfortunate to read about, but I had no idea who it was since they didn’t release any names. One day in class, a friend informed me about the man who died…and how he was someone we knew.

As background information, for the first week of school I had a substitute professor for my Physics class since my actual professor was still on vacation (lucky man). He was very enthusiastic. He only taught for one week, but his words stuck with me. He had said something like, “I love teaching students. I’m not ready to teach a full quarter* yet, but maybe in the future. For now I’m just substituting.” (* quarter = a 10 week term of school)

As it turns out, he was the man who had died. That is truly tragic. Those words he had said still echo in my head when I think about it. He was so enthusiastic, and he wanted to continue his teaching in the future. But he never even got the chance. He was a young man. A man of about 37 years old, married, and just barely got his Ph.D. He was an aspiring professor, and he was already a valuable researcher at the university. It is truly sad.

My friend wondered why my Physics professor didn’t announce the death of this man at all. Our questions were answered about a week later in an email from my professor. It was truly touching and it made my eyes water up. The man who died was my professor’s best friend at the university. Apparently they were rather close. My professor chose not to announce the sad news because he figured we were in the midst of exams and nearing the end of the quarter towards finals so he didn’t want to burden anyone. That is very thoughtful of him, although I think maybe the other reason is that he was just too emotional to announce something like that in front of a lecture hall. I really felt sympathy for the the man, my professor, and everyone it may have affected. I didn’t even know the man personally, but I could definitely feel the loss that resulted from his death. It really is sad.