About Me

Quick Fact Sheet
  • Name: Kim
  • Age: 22 years old
  • Gender: Female
  • Relationship status: Taken
  • Location: Asian born in and living in America
  • Fav. colors: Purples (especially lavender), baby blue
  • Fav. food: Sushi
  • Education: College Graduate

  • I LOVE eating good food and I love trying new places to eat at.
  • I love watching movies, especially ones that are real keepers, and I love finding good movies that are less well-known.
  • I have a huge soft spot for cute animals. Loved ones know me as the bird girl because I have a special affection for birds (aka floofy puff balls!).
  • I can't do math very well even if my life depended on it.
  • I've had Sailor Moon posters hanging in my room ever since maybe Kindergarten.
  • I love warm weather best, but I love rain when I am cuddled up in my bed or sharing an umbrella with my significant other.
  • I think toes are weird.
  • I like playing some video games and MMORPGs.
  • Although I don't participate in them much these days, I have always enjoyed singing and acting (theater and choir) and writing.
  • I love being creative and making new crafts.

    More...more than you asked for...
    Hello, so you've stumbled upon this page and have read this far. Strange to think that someone might be interested in knowing more about me. But I suppose it's all natural, since people will want to know who this person is behind the website and behind all of the text!

    I enjoy going out with friends and I enjoy going to new places with my boyfriend, but I also enjoy spending my time at home working on my website or streaming a show on my computer. I can be very quirky, funny, and/or hyper sometimes (my moods vary!). However, upon first impression, people see me as timid and shy. Once they get to know me, they see me for the weirdo I really am :). I am very kind to people who give me respect and reciprocate the kindness, but I am harsh towards people who don't treat me well and I don't let people walk over me. I've had my lows just like anyone else, but I am working hard to reach the highs in life.

    I've had all kinds of career goals ever since Kindergarten! Artist, veterinarian, writer, doctor! It was so long ago that it hardly feels real, but I was really passionate about creating artwork up until the last few years of elementary school. I picked up writing towards the end of elementary school. I loved it and I did well with it for many years and even to this day I still have a love for writing - which is why I love Faded Out so much!

    Somehow I was a gal who had a love for the arts and the humanities, but ended up as a science major in college. Biology came up because it was something I felt that would be relevent no matter how many times I changed my mind. When I would sit down to read my "boring" biology book, I find it all actually very fascinating. I feel like I can use this somehow to make a better life for myself and other people in the future. I think that was my cue to go for it because I don't think everyone can sit down with a biology book or an organic chemistry textbook and feel excited to learn that stuff. Who knows, my cues might have been wrong, but I am hoping I'm on the right path. Not going to lie though, being a full-time science student was really tough - I almost thought I was going to need an extra year to finish. But I pulled myself up from the hole I was in and made it in time to graduate in June 2012 with a Bachelor's of Science in Biology at a university. Hats off to me! :) But this is still just the beginning, and I hope to go a lot farther.

    This website has been a part of me after all these years. It has always been a form of self-expression and a place for me to try something new. As I have chosen the world of science as my education and career path, I think this website is my channel to the other world of the creativity I've always longed for all my life. My websites have had activity ranging from being worked on every day to being on hiatus for months, but here it is, still standing strong and I'm still here making an attempt to update more regularly.

    So that all means that my website is a very special place to me, and since you're here, you get to share some of the experience with me :)