Yes, I got my mouse back…my brother took it for some reason =|. I did not go to the funeral. We’ve all felt guilt, pain, and nervousness for the past week and a half. Now life is moving on once again. Leo is a reminder to all of us…enjoy life and make the best of it while you can.

Well folks, I’ve gotten through the first week of school. Yeah yeah, I know I haven’t been writing. Been a bit busy a since a little bit before school started. Let me just say this…HIGH SCHOOL SUCKS. Four days of highschool have passed and things have gotten better, so maybe I’ll like it more later. One thing is for sure though…Middle School is much better. Much better than my current highschool anyway. When that new highschool opens up, I’m zooming in.


2: Advanced Vocals
3: Gym
4: Geography/College Career Planning
5: English
6: Geometry
7: Biology

Dang it. I have second lunch. Out of my three days of school, I’ve only been able to buy lunch one day. Lines are so long, and food is scarce. They ran out once when I got there. Ugh. Plus, there’s less food since it’s second lunch. Most of my friends have first lunch. Booooo!

The counclers are screwing up everyone’s schedules. For example, people who want choir got french and people who want spanish got choir (Like Micheal and James). All of that wtf kind of crap.

The school is so crowded and I barely see many familiar faces. Everyone looks like they belong in college. Pregnant chicks walking around.

And guess what? WE HAVE TO SWIM!!!! That was NOT a rumor. Dang it. I’m going to run intead of swimming, that’s what I want to do. It’ll suck, but it’s a lot better than drowning. Psh. If I run I’ll won’t get full credits. Did they ever think about the people that couldn’t swim? Rawr.

First day wasn’t as bad as I thought. I saw my friend first thing when I walked in the school so we went together, got our schedules, and walked around the school to find out classes beforehand.

Now I’m pretty okay with my classes. I don’t get lost, but I do forget to go through the right door sometimes, lol. Omg, I walked into the wrong class yesterday, hahaha. Wrong history class. I was one door away from the right class. Luckily there was barely anyone in there. I always forget about the door to biology. I always walk past the door, so I walk around to get to biology. It looks weird and dorky turning backwards, lol. Today things went smoothly.

So yup. I’m getting more comfortable with my classes. It’s not going great and fun and crap, but I’m not nervous anymore. Hooray for that.

I got my hair straightened, permanately. That’s right I got a straightening perm. Yes, I’m Asian and most Asians have that “Asian” know…smooth and straight. I have frizzy and ugly, puffy hair. Lucky me. So I got it permed and if it works properly I’ll never have to worry about blowdrying and getting it wet ever again!

It took my poor mother four hours to do the whole process…She must have been awesomely tired. Yes, she’s a hair dresser. I am SO SO SO SO lucky and glad she is one. It was really hot and I was sitting and sweating for four hours. Now my hair looks excellentttt. Can’t wash it until tomorrow night. Hopefully it’ll work and stay straight after I wash it. *crosses fingers*

People noticed something different about my hair, but they didn’t mention a thing about a perm. All they said was “Your hair looks longer!” LMAO. I got some comments about “You look so different!” So I didn’t tell anyone about my perm. Shhh, don’t tell.

Thanks to Tawny and Jessica for commenting on the other entry. I didn’t think anyone came here anymore. lol.