Operation TWTO (Take Wisdom Teeth Out) is over! …Until I have to go again next year! Doh! dklfjsl!

The dentist people were really nice to me.

It wasn’t as HORRIBLE as I had anticipated all month…or however long I’ve been waiting until today. The thing I was the most afraid of was gagging and/or having the injections really really hurt. Well, I didn’t gag (Although I did a few times before I went to the dentist lol) and the injections weren’t as bad as the ones 4-5 years ago (…the ones that I still remember till this day >_<). My dentist put some apple smelling numbing stuff on my gums before the injections so it didn't hurt as bad. What hurt the most during the surgery...was the surgery. lol. It was when...I don't even know. She was cutting and digging in there or something and it was like OWW. So she stopped and asked me if it hurt and gave me more of the good stuff (injections). There was cracking and drilling and all those kinds of scary noises.

Finally when it was done…it was done. I saw my wisdom teeth *shakes fist at them*. They were all bloody. I had to sit and wait because my mom was out buying food since she was really hungry. They gave me ice and cold water in a glove for my face, lol.

Um…the phone is ringing. Eww, I’m not picking it up. All they’ll hear from me is mumbling, lol. No one’s home right now except for me. I think it may be Benny? He’s probably worried. I should go online soon.

Then we got medication from the Pharmicist. One bottle of antibiotics, which I take three times a day an hour before I eat or 2-3 hours after I eat. One bottle to relieve the pain, which I take every four hours after I eat something.

Once we got home I peed. Lol. I had to go really badly.

So what my dentist did was totally remove one wisdom tooth. But the other was too deep in my gums, so she cut the bone to make it grow out more. My wisdom teeth were mean, they were both deep in my gums and growing under my second molars, which would totally damage my second molars if they kept growing or if they tried removing it.

I have to go again next week so they can cut the stitches.

And now the aching is kicking in. And yet I still can’t feel my lips.

What saddens me is I will have to go through this again next year…or during break or whatever. At least only one side of my mouth will hurt?

Anyway, thanks to the peoples that (tried) to comfort me lol. I thought about some of you when I was at the dentist. But dude, how cool would it have been if they just gassed me to sleep? No pain whatsoever! Oh well. I heard it’s really unsafe or whatever though.

YAY! I look like a chipmonk…one with one side of his mouth full of food. Hah. I’ve always wanted to look like one?