Well, the worst’s over now…at least I think so. The pain isn’t as bad as yesterday.

Yesterday my brother bought the new Harry Potter book for me. And we also watched Return to Oz. That was nice of him. I was wearing gauzes for about 8 hours. Fun. It just wouldn’t stop bleeding.

I was home alone for quite a while since my mom was at work and my brother and dad were working too. It hurt to swallow! Imagine how I was with pudding! I felt like a baby…small bites, afraid to swallow, and very messy lips since I couldn’t lick them or stick the spoon in my mouth properly, lol.

When my mommy came home she made me cry…like twice. Not because she said anything hurtful because she was nice; I was just really emotional and I had the urge to cry about anything. Must be the hormones again!

I went to bed at 9 PM. I wrote a note to my mom asking her to wake me up and find me a non-electrical toothbrush. My dad read the note first since she came home late and woke me up, giving me a toothbrush. So I brushed my teeth…or at least I tried. It was painful to barely open my mouth. I went back to sleep only to wake up at 11 or 12 again. That was when my mom came home and came in to check up on me. Then I slept until 3 AM. Then I slept until 7 AM. Then 8 AM. Then 9 AM. Then 9:30 AM. I’m not in pain really, just only when I swallow, so it’s kind of weird that I kept waking up.

Drank an antibiotic pill, brushed my teeth, and rinsed with warm water and salt. Oh yes, the taste is great…lol. I’m going to rinse every time after I eat.

Ate pudding at 11 and had my pain reliever pill. Ate pudding and applesauce and had my pain reliever pill at 3. 7 I had my pill and ate ice cream and cheese. My mommy made me soup so I can eat it cold later tonight at 11 when I take my pill (I can’t eat anything hot yet).

What a lovely schedule. I miss eating real food! I have a hankering for Mac N Cheese…yum….but I don’t dare to eat it now. My brother was microwaving food and basically everything my family is eating smells so good at the moment. Funny how the one time I get to eat junk all day I don’t want to.

The phone’s been ringing a lot today. No way I’m picking it up! ;D

My family’s been so nice to me. I wish it was like this all the time. It makes me want to have more family time together…I’m hoping once I can eat again I can get the family to go out to eat at least once a week. I’m not going to be able to have this time in the future. It’s scary to think about so I don’t think about it…but I should at least think about spending lots of time together for now.