Yesterday night I finished Harry Potter! So sad….[spoiler]Dumbledore died! I mean, I had accidentally read a spoiler, but I still wasn’t prepared for the fact that Dumbledore died. *shakes fist at Malfoy and Snape* Dumbledore’s my favorite character. Aww. I actually cried, like I did in the last book. I never realized why Ginny was so shy before…it was because she liked Harry.[spoiler] I let Helen borrow the book, so I don’t have it anymore, lol. But I do plan to re-read it sometime soon.

Today James and Matt visited my house in the afternoon. It’s Matt’s last day here in California today. He’s moving to Oregon. I’ll miss him. Anyway, it was nice of them to drop by. I’m glad I got to say good bye.

My mom, aunt, cousin, and I went to Fashion Island today. These people were imitating Neal Diamond…or whoever. No idea who he is, but lots of people like him obviously and they liked the imitators too. It was crowded, and I think all of the paid seats were taken. We just stood for a few songs and then left. I got a shirt and one pair of pants.

This is the picture on my shirt. I took it with our digital camera. Isn’t it cute?

That’s definitely me.

There were lots of doggies. There were these two HUGE doggies. One looked like a sheep dog and another was a great dane. The sheep dog looking one was so adorable. It looked like a huge stuffed animal. You could ride on it, lol. There was also a pet store with little puppies at the window. It was the first time I’ve ever seen small puppies at a pet st ore because I usually just see bigger looking dogs. These puppies could fit in my hand, aww. They were probably the most amusing things at Fashion Island for me, lol. I also played games on my cellphone when I was bored.

So that’s about it. I’m going to see Benny tomorrow. Yay!