Earning My Grades: I feel really good about my grades…who wouldn’t? Not to be braggy. For the six week grading period I have all “A’s”. And hopefully the second grading period will be likewise :smile:. I honestly can say I have earned my grades.

I remember being a “bad” student my freshman year. That was when I was sometimes lazy, sometimes depressed, sometimes too tired to do my homework. Because of this, I would copy from other people a lot. By the middlish of the year I started shaping up. I either did my own homework or I would accept that I didn’t do it and not copy. Although I did shape up, I still didn’t feel great. Don’t remember why, but I didn’t feel too great.

This year though I’ve been keeping up with my homework. I’ll admit, there have been times where I panicked because I either didn’t finish my homework or left it at home and copied from usually either Benny or Amed. But those times were rare and I have definitely paid my dues by letting other people borrow my homework. It feels so good to be earning these good grades again.

Improving Myself: So far I’ve been trying my best for all of my classes. One class I know I could improve in is AP World History. For the in class group work, I’ve been depending on Amed a lot. And now we have new groups, which means I will have no one to depend on. [At least from my new seat I can actually see the board!] It’s a bit scary because history is definitely not my strong point, but I feel like I can do it as long as I keep up with the homework. I realized that EVERYONE can be good at history…as long as they do the homework. Of course some of us (like me) are horrible at interpreting things and remembering things in history, but as long as you do the homework you won’t be so lost.

Saying No: Say no to drugs, kids! Just kidding. But seriously, DO say no to drugs. Okay, I’m SO not funny, but at least I tried. :oops: Anyway, remind me to say no when someone asks for my homework. I’ve been too nice about it lately. Don’t you agree that it’s totally not fair, spending hours on your homework and getting no sleep while someone else can copy your homework in ten minutes? Very unfair. I’m not cruel; if you’re ever in a bind and didn’t do your homework I’ll be happy to help you out. If you keep asking me for my homework, of course I’m going to say no. I DO think homework is a big deal, no matter how geeky that sounds. I mean, what are you going to learn if you never do it? Why should you use other people for their homework? Who’s going to let you copy in college? I rest my case.