History Class: It felt so good to be “smart” in history today. Since I did all of my previous notes for chapter 18, I had a really easy time in class today. We had a sub and we had chapter 18 questions due at the end of the period. I didn’t even need to look at the book much to answer them and I finished before the bell rang. A huge difference compared to what I usually do before.

Picture Day: I’m so bummed today…it was picture day! And of all people…my class doesn’t take pictures today! We were told it was on WEDNESDAY. Everyone else took pictures! I wore one of my favorite shirts AND my mother curled my hair! I come to PE class and Wagner tells us we’re not dressing. At first I thought she was kidding since she likes to make lame “jokes” like that. In fact all we did was read an article and write a summary about it.

What makes me REALLY angry is Wagner just had to say “I knew we weren’t going to dress, I planned it out this week.” OMFG! If she planned it why didn’t she tell us?! Now I don’t know what to wear tomorrow and I wasted my mom’s time this morning doing my hair. SHIAT.