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I never expected that to happen and after having their own show about their marriage. That’s sad.


There was this blog I liked and bookmarked. It looked like an interesting and well written blog by a smart blogger. I checked back to see any new posts. The new post was what made me pissed and delete the link from my bookmark. First of all, he talked about liking this girl. However, she has a boyfriend. Then he said something about how it would be easy for him because her boyfriend was Asian. Although he put “(joke)” next to that, I still find that quite rude. But that wasn’t really any big deal. What pissed me was he was so sure he could ask her out “once they broke up”. FYI, what if they don’t break up? I guess because of my own experiences, I have more faith in relationships and I understand (in my opinion) what it means to be dedicated and in love. The fact that he thought he was Mr. Hotshot and could get any girl he wanted just bothered me. Hadn’t he ever thought of what it’d be like if HE was the boyfriend? Would he like to have some other guy plan on moving in on his girlfriend? I think not.

So that wasn’t a huge deal. What totally made me decide to never visit the site again was a big deal. Someone “annonymous” commented on this blog saying “you’re gay” or something like that. That was totally stupid, not even writing a name and leaving a short, stupid comment like that. BUT the blog owner (and a few of his commenters) had to “punish” him. They punished “annonymous” far worse than he deserved. They posted his IP address, his full name, his city, his phone number, a map to his house. That’s CRUEL. “I deal with enough shit at school” is NOT an excuse at ALL. If that anonnymous guy, who is no longer annoymous now, gets prank calls or worse, stalkers and killers, who would it be to blame? You don’t fight stupidity with stupidity! It proves they are all fools.

It just helps prove that first impressions definitely differ from what things or people really are a lot of the time.