I downloaded the new AIM version… AIM Triton. Totally sucks in my opinion. I tried signing in with my screenname, but it didn’t work. The login information was correct because when I signed in to AOL webmail with it or whatever it worked perfectly. Also, when I tried to sign in with my other screen names they worked as well :shock:. Weird.

Anyway, it’s all solved now because I download AOL Instant Messenger 5.5.3595 (4.0 MB) and I can sign in once again. I also downloaded middle_man to enhance my “AIM experience” since I think AIM sucks with the ads and whatnot. I hope middle_man adds a new version and has new features soon, though I doubt it will be soon. What I really would like is tabbed IMs. Tabbed IMs was a feature in Palfun, but Palfun started becoming screwy when I updated my AIM. The Palfun website never updated either. Some people had a theory about how they must have kept the site up because they had some new ideas for it later. I think the website is down for good now. So much for that theory, lol.

It’s too bad people don’t realize other IM clients such as Yahoo or GoogleTalk are way better than AIM. AIM may be popular, but if you set the example by joining other instant messengers and recruit people, there would be more people ditching AIM.