Past Memory #1: I don’t know what triggered the memory, but I remember lunch in sixth grade. Ever since kindergarten to somewhere along middle school, I always brought my own lunch. ALWAYS. No exaggeration. Every day, it was a sandwich. By sixth grade I was SICK of it. It made me wanna barf. So instead of sandwiches I started having different food. Whatever I brought these jerks that sat on our table (Although the table was claimed by us first) would make fun of. It was nothing embarrassing, sometimes it would be tuna, sometimes it would be lunchables, sometimes it would be vienna sausages (anyone that’s tried them knows they’re really good), and sometimes it’d be Asian stuff. I shouldn’t have been ashamed since it was no big deal, but that’s how school is; people judge or make fun of you and no matter how strong you are, you can’t help but take it seriously. As a result, I tried to eat my food faster and I tried to keep it hidden. Pathetic. After that year I think, I started buying lunch finally. Thankfully, it wasn’t because of those jerks. I was just really sick of all home brought food. But still, those jerks made a little girl ashamed of her lunch. In this case, I do hope karma is real and smacks them back in the face. It was four years ago, but I still remember this so well. It’s just more proof on why you shouldn’t make fun of people or be mean…you never know how seriously the person will take it.

Past Memory #2: I was drinking water while my mom was poking a bottle of brown liquid (No idea what it was). Weird enough, my brain expected to take a sip from something sweet or yucky instead of water. lol. But it was just water. It reminded me of that time when I had a dirty cup of (old) milk in my room. I was sitting next to it, drinking a (new) cup of milk. I set down the cup I was drinking with to do something, and when I picked up my cup and drank from it…my eyes widened and I spit out the liquid in my mouth back into the cup. As you might of guessed, it was OLD MILK from the OLD CUP. EWWWWW. Wrong cup! Ever since then, I’ve always been wary when I have old cups lying around while I’m drinking. Moral of the story is: Don’t leave old cups in your room. Especially if you haven’t finished the liquid inside of it!