Procrastination: I don’t know how time passes by so quickly!!!! It’s almost 2 AM and I haven’t started my homework at ALL. I remember when it was just 12 AM a while ago… Sheesh.

Hockey: The thrill of hockey is back! I loved it in middle school, even if I wasn’t the best. I signed up for field hockey as a sport this year, but it was cancelled because not enough people were interested. At least I get to play it for PE right now. What I love about it is you don’t have to worry about anyone being too good. For example, in basketball most likely the guys have an advantage since they’ve always played basketball. But who plays field hockey? So it’s almost like a fair game. I like the idea of hitting with a stick (lol) and stealing with a stick much better than doing it with a basketball. The only thing I won’t/can’t do is GOALIE. Oh man. I’m a horrible goalie and it’s really scary, having people hit the puck directly at you. And get this: we don’t even have protective gear. lol. So that’s even worse.

History Class: I failed my history test…once again. The high grade anyone got was a C+. I got a D. What a BUMMER. I studied and tried really hard! It doesn’t even help…however much you read the chapters, read over your notes, and take preparation quizzes it barely even helps. The test had stuff that I think we didn’t even learn. I don’t see how in the world anyone can ever get an A; it’s crazy.