Today was another fun day at Knott’s! I’d really like to thank Benny, James, and Tiffy for making this day really nice (and James’ parents too for driving us!). Knott’s was a lot more crowded than any of us expected, being on a weekday and after Christmas, but we still got the best out of Knott’s.

We went on all the good rides, ate yummy food, and had some laughs. I also got to spend time with Benny Boo ;D

The day started off with my mom waking me up telling me it was Tiffy on the phone. Turns out Tiffy came to my house at 9:30 AM…lol. Barely had time to dress and brush my teeth, haha. Her mom was already mad, so she didn’t want to change plans. We hung out and watched The Cable Guy…or whatever on TV. It was alright, the cable guy’s stalkerishness was fun to laugh at. Benny walked over to my house and James came to pick us up at 12:30 PM. Good thing I decided not to sleep too late yesterday! [coughs at Tiffy] She also gave me a present; it’s a bracelet and I wanna add more stuff to it.

Anyway…the good rides: Boomerang, Bumper Cars, Wipeout, Xcelerator, Dragon Swing, Hat Dance, La Revolucion, Ghost Rider, and the Log Ride.

Food: I had chicken, some of Benny’s Pizza, and some of James’ fries. Tiffy forgot to get water, and after I reminded her two times, she still forgot, lol. Horible memory. She ended up having some of James’ and my water :P We also got funnel cake later. Benny was a genius (or maybe his family was) and told James to order the topping separately so it wouldn’t be so much and make the funnel cake all smooshy like last time. Good eatin’.

We actually ALL made decisions on what to do today! Amazing, I know. Usually it’s just James making all the decisions while I’m the only one that acknowledges him (but I still don’t give him an answer).

I don’t know about the others, but I’m happy it was the four of us. The other people I invited…if they wanted to come they would have contacted me in some way…it said so right on the invitation. Guess no one has time for little old me, except for some of my buddies. It was also nice of James to say I should invite them over to help me put up my Christmas tree next year. Very nice. This year was the first year I decided not to put it up because I would end up being the only person doing it, which meant hard work and I usually would take down the tree by the time it’s already close to Christmas again.

I finally proved James wrong! For a while he kept telling me he’d never date a friend and that he would never want to get married. I called him crazy and told him he’d change his mind. And I was right! I hope that special girl treats him well :)