WordPress 2 is out…:neutral: I’d like to update but…I have a bad feeling about it. Something will probably go wrong. Plus, I like my plugins and it was stated that some of the plugins wouldn’t work anymore with WP 2. I’d rather not take the risk.

I finished putting up stuff on my domain (kinda). I used PHP! (kinda) lol. I just used it for the header and footer. It’ll make changing the layout (I’ll do that…eventually) easier. My most popular site is my Tamagotchi site…Good or bad? Good, but I wish my blog got more visitors, haha. Tama Obsession has gotten like more than 300 hits just today! I set up the new forum because the old one sucked. Of course, no one’s joined yet, lol. I wonder if they even know how to register (Since most of the visitors are little kids). Well, I’m sure they do since they’ve registered at TamaTalk (A Tamagotchi forum I joined when I was first crazy about Tamagotchis) before. I really need to update my personal site, the photo gallery, and my comic…I think it must have been at least a year since I’ve updated them. I should be ashamed (but I’m not).

So anyway, check it out: fadedout.com

Other than sitely stuffs, I really haven’t got much to talk about. I’ve been spending most of my time bumming around and working on my sites. I really did try to work on the AP project on Tuesday, but it really got me depressed. There’s absolutely NO information on the internet. I was trying to research women’s role in religion…but ugh. All I found was crap about religion and people ranting about this and that. I blame it all on my teacher. If she told us what we had to do before we got to pick topics I wouldn’t have picked my topic. By the time I tried to change my topic everything was already taken. Blargle. While we’re on the subject of school, I need to buy a binder. Mine’s all fallen apart and broken.

I’ve also been playing Maple Story with Benny and my brother. You heard right, my brother. 24 year old man. Haha. It’s an addicting game, ya’ll should join us. I’m actually going to create a Maple Story site later, lol. It’ll be really simple though.

I made a MySpace Group for WordPress:

Will anyone join? I doubt it. Haha. But at least I showed my WordPress pride :razz: