I guess I’ll just write a “quick” entry about yesterday or else I’ll forget. I wasn’t going to blog today since I’ve been a procrastinator and school starts tomorrow, but I might as well type this now rather than try to remember later.

Yesterday was the first day of the new year. Kinda unbeknownst to me, we had a party type thing. It’s actually this thing honoring my deceased grandma, but it sure seemed like a party because we had lots more people over than last year and it lasted till nighttime. My mom did tell me…but that was like a week ago. She didn’t even tell me what day it was going to be on.

So I woke up to my cousin coming into my room, lol. I was still sleepy from the other day because of the movie I was watching with my brother. It was a while until I finally came downstairs. My brother and my two cousins, Helen and David, were looking at stuff on my computer. Eventually it was time for them to leave. We ate food; none of it had meat. I liked the tofu fish, lol. My brother on the other hand, a huge meat lover, was very hungry and unsatisfied though :P. Afterwards my brother and I hid from all the commotion inside my room. It was really nice, unlike what most people would assume. Since I had nothing else to do, I actually cleaned my room while my brother watched TV. Eventually he fell asleep and it was sooo adorable. Yeah, he’s a 24 year old man with this pink blanket over him (which was way too small for him) and I gave him this mini purple pillow for his head. Haha. In the meantime I was doing my homework (wow!). That was basically how it went. It was funny because when my brother and I finally peeked downstairs there was no one there. No one. Not even my parents. “Hello?” haha.

I did get to see my cousin’s twins. They just stare at you…no smiles…no laughs. lol. But they don’t cry either, so that must be a lot easier on the parents. There were some other kids running around…no idea who they were, haha. It doesn’t matter though. I’m glad they didn’t come busting into my room like most kids do when my parents throw a party. I’m also glad I never gave away all of my toys. I’m guessing they entertained themselves with my old toys.

As you can see, my brother and I aren’t party people…at least when it comes to family reunions with a lot of adults and little kids. I like to hide in my room until it’s over. This time it was better than usual though because I had my brother with me. He hid in my room and not his because he was “ashamed” of his room, lol. It was extremely messy and as Helen says, “You’d have to blaze a trail to get in there.”

As for today, it was raining so hard! EEK. Makes me feel so depressed (and cold). When I woke up today the power went out because of the rain I’m assuming. It was a bummer, but lucky for me it came back up not too long after. I am EXTREMELY lucky. I don’t know how I would have printed out my already typed papers. Speaking of homework, I’M NOT DONE. Sheesh. I was hoping I’d finish early today but I really did put it off. It’s no surprise, but every break I always believe I’m not going to procrastinate for some reason. Oh well. I’ll live.

Oh yeah, I have all of Full Metal Alchemist on my computer. Yay! I watched some on Adult Swim, but I missed a lot in the beginning and I’m dying to see the rest of the anime. I have the Japanese version with the subtitles. Ed’s voice is younger sounding. Well, maybe it’s just because I only watched the first episode of it, but my point is their voices are different (of course). I guess I’ll get used to it later. I guess I’m used to the American voice. I don’t think I’ll need anymore anime for quite a while now, lol. I have this other anime and I’ve only watched like 2/14 episodes. And FMA has 51 episodes. Look forward to anime posts soon! [anime bliss!]