Well, today was another day of school. The only thing I didn’t finish was this chart for history and at lunch Benny really helped me with it. Aww, he’s so sweet. I don’t know what I’d do without him. I actually got an 8/10, which is way better than what I expected. Some people were sitting in our usual lunch seats, so I decided to sit somewhere else with Benny. I’m sick of that table being so crowded and then so empty when I don’t need to sit anymore. Oh well, that’s what happens when you don’t have enough friends to use up the whole table; other people start sitting there and bringing all their “homies” and then we become canned sardines.

After school today we went to the AP “study group” thing. I thought it was another manditory meeting…I guess they’re not manditory anymore? Only six people, including me and Benny went. It was pretty interesting, but it took a little too long. It was because Idalia and Jessica like to chitchat with Ms. Jordan and yeah. Benny said his mom wanted him home early (why we had no idea), so his mom would pick him up instead of him walking home. He suggested I let them take me home, but I insisted I walked home because what about Tiffy? She was there with us and she walks the same direction as me. I walked home with Tiffy instead. I feel bad about leaving him, but leaving Tiffy wasn’t acceptable because she was walking home. Plus I see Benny every other second I can, lol. So that was basically my day. Thrilling, I know.

NOTE TO SELF: When backing up the wordpress database, log into phpmyadmin, go into the database, edit options and home and make sure the URL is correct. Then log into the admin (https://yourdomain.com/blog/wp-admin) and change the themes. It should work now! :) Ha, can you believe it took me a month to realize this was what I had to do to fix my blog? xD