Calling her a victim of “Couture Chaos,” fashion guru Mr. Blackwell on Tuesday named Britney Spears the worst dressed star of 2005. (Article)

Lol, how sad. I’d hate being a star. I think you get judged by your looks enough just as an ordinary, boring person.

School: My AP World History group is coming over on Friday and possibly (probably) Saturday to do our project. Lucky for me, ever since that reunion / party my parents had the house is pretty clean. I still need to 1) Tell my mom about it (lol) and 2) Ask my brother about power point (I’ve never used it except for that time in CCP class. It was pretty pointless actually. Our teacher said it would be worth a huge grade and it turns out she just forgot about the whole thing). Hopefully I can be of use (and smart) when we work on the project. History is not my strong point.

Eye/Ear Check: We had an eye/ear check today. Perfecto for moi! Haha. With my glasses on of course. I think I might need a better prescription for my glasses though. Well, I’m not sure actually. I can see the white board and etc at school just fine. A heavier prescription makes me kind of dizzy. But if it’s better for my eyes to get a heavier prescription I guess I’ll have to. I HATE getting an eye examination. Ugh. I have like…a phobia of things touching my eye. So first they put in these eyedrops, right? I even have trouble with that! Then they do something where this machine touches your eye and I have lots of trouble with that. They tell me to open my eyes, but I always feel like I am opening my eyes. But it turns out I closed them. It’s instinct…I can’t stand anything touching my eye. Blah. Ever since fifth grade I’ve had this problem.

Hockey: I’m still loving hockey. Today kind of sucked though. I feel like I’m the only one that actually tries (other than the ocassional help from Amedo). It’s like…I steal the puck but I have no one to pass it to because my teammates are right beside me, not by the goal where they could make a shot and so the puck eventually gets stolen back before we even have a chance to shoot. If field hockey ever becomes an option as a sport, I really really want to join. I would make Tiffy join with me, lol. I’m sure there would be a team sometime eventually since we have the equipment. Or wait, was it borrowed equipment? lol. Oh well. I know I’d need to talk to JB about it, since we wanted our schedules to be as similar as possible. Field hockey is the only sport (that I know of) that I enjoy and I don’t mind getting tired or sweaty.