Special: I asked Benny why he liked me when we first met. He said when he saw me he thought I was pretty, but he didn’t know me. When he started to talk to me he thought my personality was “wow!” as he calls it. That’s the sweetest…I felt teary on the phone with him. No one’s ever made me feel that special before.

Rice Bowl Journals: I got accepted into Rice Bowl Journals! Yay! It’s an Asian online journal community. I think I remember more than a year ago I applied and I didn’t get accepted, but finally after applying years later I get accepted. Heh. At least that shows I’ve improved :P

Sadness: This is THE saddest post >ever. Okay, I lied. But it’s very sad because…things have changed so much. Read this post.

Group Project: Yesterday (Friday) after school my group worked on our project at my house. Can you believe it was from after school until 8 PM? Wow. Idalia and Jessica stayed for the entire time. Peter had some “family thing,” so he showed up from 6-8. Grecia didn’t come and her phone was busy, hmm. We (mainly Idalia and Jessica) debated a lot. We ended up really just planning it out and reading some of chapter 25. It took a really long time, too. Jessica ate almost all of the Hershey Kisses in the bowl sitting on the table, lol. I told her it was okay, but little did I know she got really hyper. And she was very intrigued by my house, haha. “Is that the breakfast nook?” I never even called it anything before…hehe. When Idalia was the last one left, I fed her bits of our food since she wanted to try it out. She said it was good (hooray for mom’s cooking!). A plus is I didn’t have to clean the house…it’s been clean ever since that party my parents had :P

Today I watched some movies with my brother.

Movie – Pirates of the Caribbean [Rate: 4/5] : I thought it was pretty good. Not as amazing as everyone else says, but I thought it was cool. I think people probably think it’s so good mainly just because of Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom, lol. It was my first time watching it :P Kind of funny how before I watched it everyone would tell me I was crazy for not watching it.

Movie – Red Eye [Rate 4/5]: As my brother said, it’s a “feminist movie.” Chick conquers evil dudes!

I’m a Hostess!: I am now hosting beloved Jaredth! Visit him at Bleached In Blue! :) [MUAH]