NOTE: There’s no point in reading this unless you have already watched Kimi Ga Nozomu Eien, or if you really plan to never watch it. This page is entirely made up of spoilers and I made icons to display below…last warning to leave!

We meet Haruka’s little sister…Akane! She’s adorable…and hilarious too. She and Haruka will probably be my favorite characters.

Shinji’s a really good friend. He’s very protective of Haruka. That time Haruka was waiting for Takayuki to go to the festival, he didn’t show up because Hayase asked him to talk to her and give her advice. Shinji ended up taking Haruka with him and finding Hayase and Takayuki at the hill. He was mad. I think he and Haruka would have been much better than Takayuki and Haruka. He obviously cares about her a lot. Pah!

It seems like Takayuki is starting to fall for Haruka. Well…he must have because they *ahem*. They sure rushed into it. First Haruka for liking Takayuki without really knowing him and then Takayuki for wanting to have sex.

Afterwards, Takayuki goes out to buy a picture book for Haruka (she loves childrens’ picture books and hopes to create some herself someday), but he bumps into Hayase (unfortunately). It’s her birthday so Takayuki buys her a present; she insists on a ring. At first Takayuki didn’t like the idea of buying her a ring (atta boy!), but then he gives in and says it’s no use in buying her something she wouldn’t like (noooo!). Obviously I’m rooting for Haruka. Why should such a sweet girl deserve all this pain?

Finally when Takayuki realizes the time, he runs off to find Haruka, who was supposed to be waiting for him. An ambulance truck drives by, but he doesn’t think anything of it and continues looking for Haruka. As he hears people talking about the accident he starts to panic. When he sees the accident area there is blood…along with one of Haruka’s bows she always wears in her hair. An officer identified the victim…and it was Haruka. The ending song has a shot of Hayase…with the ring Takayuki bought for her on her finger.

Nooo, I say! Nooo! My dear Haruka! And that evil ring! What kind of person would ask someone else’s boyfriend to buy them a ring? It’s evil I say! I wonder the “evil ring” will appear throughout the episodes, like a sybolism thing.


Hope you like them! If you use one or more (I’d love to see you use them!), it’d be nice to credit me, but as long as you don’t lie and say you made them it doesn’t really matter. If you’re not going to use any, I hope you at least enjoyed looking at them :)