Now for the crazy brother ordeal.

It all started on Sunday I think. My dad wanted to get a domain and website for his company. So he kept bugging my brother and me about it. I slept hearing them talk about it and I woke up the next morning only to find them still talking about it. Small things in this family always have to get so difficult.

So after my brother and dad get pissed we decided to buy the domain under my domain and hosting. Okay, sounds easy. But it didn’t stop there. My brother came over my computer to enter in information and he was banging on my keyboard while doing it. “Sheesh,” I thought, “if you’re going to bang on the keyboard and destroy it, go bang on your own!” After my dad saw the banging he said, “FINE! I’ll do it myself! I don’t need it anymore!” I thought, why in the world does he want to do it himself after we already bought it?

The bugging didn’t stop…it was like all they could talk about was the domain.

Then, I told my brother I couldn’t make their company site because I don’t know how to make “professional” stuff. Well he was joking, but he made me feel bad because he said I spent all this time on the computer and making my own websites and yet I couldn’t make a simple website for them. So I took a whack at it and made something.

Here it is by the way:

The next day, I find out they might not even use it. That got me mad because what was the point of me feeling bad and making the damn thing? So my brother and I got into an argument. He said I didn’t have a right to be mad at him because he didn’t know until after I already made the stuff. I told him I didn’t have to be mad at him but that I had a right to be just plain mad. I asked him to leave me alone. This is the thing about me. When I am angry with my brother I do NOT want to talk to him. If we’re going to talk about the situation, I need a little time to myself first. But of course, he never seems to understand that and made it worse.

It got to the point where he went effing crazy.

He threw our lamp onto the tile floor. CRASH.

I remember it so clearly…

Me: “What the HELL are you doing?!” “You’re crazy!”

Him: “I’m not crazy! You’re crazy!”

I’M crazy? Hey, I’m not the one with angerment issues and I do NOT break things that are not mine.

At this point I was crying and ran to my room and locked myself in. I was talking to Benny on GT while all this happened, so before I ran off I told him to call me. He did, and for the next hour he talked to me while I was in my room. I spent a bit crying on the phone, but afterwards things got better and we talked about other stuff, which made me feel better. In the meantime I could hear my brother banging around downstairs. Eventually he got a vacuum, cleaned up the stuff, put the lamp back, and made it seem like nothing happened.

But it happened alright.

I told my mom about it, but of course she wasn’t of much help. I shouldn’t be surprised though, moms will be moms.

This didn’t really scare me. What it did do though was make me question my relationship with my brother and question his sanity. Things have been going so well lately. “Movie nights,” playing Maple Story together. But this happened, he went effing crazy and killed the lamp. How will he be like if something REALLY serious happened? Would he tear the house apart? Murder maybe? Okay, maybe not murder but he’s watched enough horror movies (He’s got bazillions of DVDs).

I don’t know. Right now we’re not talking, which I totally foresaw. As for my dad, he thanked me yesterday at 12 AM while I was sleeping for the website. Earlier this evening I helped him with the whole domain thing and setting up emails. But then he kept coming back asking me stuff and I seriously wanted to get my homework started or at least get my blogging done. So when I was started to get tired of it I told him I’d do it later, but that backfired and he’s mad now. WHATEVER.

All this for a stupid effing domain. Crazy, I tell you. Almost as crazy as my family.