Finals weren’t AS bad as I thought. I did okay on them and the ones I might not have done too well on (probably math) didn’t kill my grades. I say “probably” because I never found out what I got on my final for math. That’s kinda stupid, my math teacher didn’t even show us our grades. Maybe she posted them up, but as far as I know she never announced it.

Lol, I like to bag on my teachers (complain about them) a lot. Maybe I’m too critical. But I think most teachers aren’t very good teachers. I guess it’s normal because it must be hard being able to teach and have ALL the students understand their method. Well then again, but I just have really bad teachers. Hahaha, I don’t know.

Speaking of complaining about my teachers. Mrs. Tamaoki always says “This should be easy; it’s review from Algebra I.” Okay. That “statement” always annoys me because we all took Algebra I two years ago. I can’t even remember the stuff we learned a week ago. Seriously. But anyways, lol.

The thing that was worst about finals was really just the long hours sitting there slouching over a test. My neck was killing me half way through the tests. Normally my neck kills me on normal days anyway, so it’s even worst on test day, lol. Going home early was nice. I don’t remember what I did…I think I took a nap, finished any homework I had, and got to goof off. Bad memory.

Hmm. At first I thought I didn’t have much to say about finals…I guess I was wrong, lol.