Valentine’s Day can be so wonderful! I’m not sure how I felt about it BB. (Kind of like Before Christ, but in this case it’s Before Benny, lol.) I think I felt neutral about it, if not a little sad.

Today is my second “NON-SAD” Valentine’s Day. I learned from Benny that SAD stood for “singles awareness day.” Haha. I got a silver bracelet and K! Too bad it didn’t say BK, burger king (joke. inside joke?). I got him a CD, since we went shopping on Saturday and that’s all ehe wanted. We also ate at that Boudin bread place. I had a clam chowder bread bowl again. Mmm.

Although this V-Day was not S.A.D. it was still a little sad. Benny lost his cell phone in the locker room and we know someone stole it (the company said new ringtone’s have been bought). I suggested that we ask Carlos who uses Benny’s locker in 6th period PE so we can find out who stole it. I also suggested we threat him, but Benny said his mom would kill him if she found out and also it’s too late to get the phone back. Oh well. At least maybe we can make him go on a guilt trip and change his ways, lol.

It was a nice Valentine’s Day morning though! We both slept early the night before and woke up really early to do homework together. It’s easier doing your homework when someone is there because it keeps you from feeling sleepy and lonely, lol.

Happy V-Day!

PS I’ve been working on some sites lately and I made a forum. I don’t know why I made it, but I felt like trying a new forum. I don’t have high expectations for it, but I’ll start linking it from my blogs to at least get people to know about it: Buh bye now!