I watched two rented movies with my brother lately. Both were good movies.

Movie- The Island (Rate 4.5): I thought it was really good. It reminded me a bit of Gattaca, another futuristic movie I liked. Basically it’s about this company that creates clones. The clones are of rich people that pay. And the payers, or sponsors, are doing this so they can extend their life span. With a clone of themselves they could get a heart transplant, etc. And the company is doing this for money, money, money. Sounds good right? Wrong. These clones are exactly what they are…clones. They have feelings just like real people. And they’re being grown and killed to give someone else a few years longer in life. Very interesting.

There were some funny quotes I liked:

McCord: Jeez, why do I always have to be the one to tell the kids there is no Santa Claus?

Lincoln Six-Echo: What’s “God”?
McCord: You know when you really want something, you close your eyes and wish for it really hard? God is the guy that ignores you.

Construction Worker: [after Lincoln and Jordan had fallen from the building, he grabs Lincoln] Jesus must love you!
[then helping Jordan]
Construction Worker: I *know* Jesus loves you!

McCord: Just cause you wanna eat the burger, doesn’t mean you wanna meet the cow.

Movie- Dark Water (4): I know some people talked about how **horrible** this movie was. I don’t get why. I have an idea though. I think it’s because those people expected a horror and scary movie. It’s definitely not one; the director said so himself. It’s just something to enjoy and think about. So anyway, it’s a movie mainly about a mother, her daughter, and father. The parents divorce and the mother and daugther move to this trashy place. For some reason there’s always this dripping black water molding their ceiling.

[spoiler]The dripping comes from a room above theirs. That room belonged to a man and daugther, but it turns out the man left the daugther there and ran off. The daughter died and ends up haunting the apartment. Eventually the ghost girl tries to kill Ceci (who is adorable by the way :D), but the mother is willing to do anything to prevent it. The ghost girl asked her to be HER mother and she agreed to save her little girl. So the ghost girl drowned and killed the mother, making her a ghost too so she could be her mother. Ceci ended up alive and moved in with her father. As she came back to the apartment to gather her things, she saw her mother reading a story and being a mother to the ghost girl. It was such a sad moment. As Ceci and her father left, Ceci got locked in the elevator and saw her mom for the last time. “Anytime you need me, I’ll be right here” or something like that. Sad sad. [/spoiler]

I thought it was sad and thoughtful. Thrill seekers will definitely say it’s a sucky and boring movie. But I guess it depends on your taste I guess.