Urgent: Today my mom told me I had a message on our answering machine. She said it was serious. It kind of scared me because what phone call could be urgent unless it was something really bad? I also thought it could have been Benny because he didn’t show up online today.

Was it serious?

Well, if homework is considered as serious, then yeah.

Haha. It was Amed asking for homework. He went home early today because he needed to go to the doctor’s. Turns out he had a gut infection (eww), but he’s better now. I didn’t even need to give him the homework because he said he took forever in getting Adan’s phone number and already got the homework. lol. I think my mom thought it was very serious because 1) she can’t hear very well when you talk fast in English 2) Amed always sounds dramatic 3) he said it was really important. haha.

School: We had our math benchmark today (it’s a test everyone takes to see whether we’re learning or not) and I’m not so sure on how I did. I hope I got a C at least. I did about half of the test by working it out and the other half was just guess work because our substitute said we had five minutes left :shock:. But I don’t feel so bad, it was like that for a lot of other people too. We had a sub in Chem, English, and for History too. Some sort of AP meeting. It’s a bummer actually. I remember the olden days where we used to hope for a sub. Now we dread subs because we get more work when the teacher isn’t here. Speaking of homework, darn, I never wrote down the Spanish homework. lol. I guess I’ll do it tomorrow at lunch :roll:.