WordPress: Ha, WordPress 2.0.1 is out already x_x. [is feeling so behind] I’ll try uploading my WP junk into another subdomain and see if I can upgrade it successfully. Even though I’ll back it up before upgrading I still don’t want ANYTHING bad happening to my beloved bloggy.

Moolah: I’ve been paid $ 0.82 total from Spare-Dollars. Doesn’t sound like much, but I think it’s pretty cool for just clicking links. With just 25 more cents I’ll have 5 bucks in my PayPal account, totally earned from paysites. Then I can use that money to get Maple Story cash XD. Yeah, I’m addicted. Join that too! Haha. Speaking of paysites, I got paid 4 cents from someone…it just says his name and I have no idea what paysite it’s from (I joined millions to see which ones would actually pay). I’ll go hunting through all of them this weekend to see which account gave me 4 cents :P

Xposure: Xposure is back in business! It’s a site kind of like Provance.net, but not dead. It kind of slowed down, but the owner has brought back the site. In short, you can be a commenter and a rotator. A commenter is given blogs to comment at and you’ll get comments back. A rotator sticks a code in their blog and gets hits from other people’s blogs (example at the right of my blog). So join if you’re interested :) Click Here To Join Xposure. And while we’re on the topic of joining…Join Faded Out Forums. lol.

EAOP: It stands for Early Academic Opportunitiy Program… I THINK. Haha. I forgot already. I REALLY wanted to join… I even gave a paper for my English teacher to write a personal statement about me. I feel really bad because I just found out today the application thing is over and the members are already picked. Benny told me just to take the personal statement from Mrs. Berger and pretend like I need it, lol. I guess that’s what I’ll do because I don’t want her to think she did it for nothing (even though she really did). Jocelyn and Beverly didn’t get chosen. Wow! What was that program looking for?! Oh well, there’s always next year.