WordPress: I’m like so proud of myself, haha. 1.5.2 went bye bye and 2.0.1 is here! All the new stuff is coolio. I’m really surprised I didn’t break anything. I was still kind of suspicious thinking, “Why isn’t anything broken yet?!” I installed a few new plugins too. I got myself a new archives page too, since narchives.php doesn’t work with 2.0.1 apparently. But that’s okay, I like the new archives page even better. Croissanga and Live+Press crossposting plugins don’t work for me anymore! Bummer. They didn’t work too well together when I had 1.5.2, but now they don’t work period. Oh well. I guess it’s back to copying and pasting blog entries, lol.

Another reason why MySpace is teh suxxors: it seems like they don’t even want WP users cross posting to MySpace blogs. How lame. They’d get more users if they allowed it, but whatever, we must remember that it is MySpace (lol). But other than the cross posting plugins all the other plugins I’m using work perfectly. Wowsers. Still shocked, haha.

Yay, 11 comments on the last entry! That’s the most I’ve ever gotten on this WP blog :grin:. Oddly enough though, the link still said “8 comments.” Hmm. I guess we’ll see what happens for this entry won’t we?

Did I mention how much I love my blog? I guess I didn’t, but I’m sure you can tell :razz:. I would still try and make this blog cool and write in it as often as I could even if no one ever commented (although comments ROCKKK).

EAOP: Okay…so it turns out the applications can still be turned in on Tuesday. LOL. I got sad over nothing…but it wasn’t my fault some people told me false things :P It was a good thing I got Mrs. Berger’s personal statement after all [whew]. Her personal statement was really good! She gave me an excellent in everything except for “Speech Expression,” which she gave me a good in. Her brief description:

Kimberly is an excellent student. She is currently enrolled in honors English and is receiving the highest grade in the class. She is motivated and responsible and I have no reservations about her participation.

Woohoo, go me, lol. I’m glad I picked my English teacher; she’s so nice and English is my best subject. She’s right about the speech expression thing; I really should speak up more. Speaking up in class kind of ended for me within the past few years. I guess it’s because I feel like there’s no point in me talking about it and plus I’m lazy; somewhere else will probably answer with the same one as mine anyway. If a teacher asked a question I would answer the question in my head…not raise my hand and share. I’m sure it’s like that with a lot of other people. Plus, it saves myself from looking stupid when I’m totally off :lol:.

Cleaned: Anothing I’m proud about: I actually cleaned today!!! :shock: OMG. What a shock. I haven’t cleaned in AGES. I ended up vacuuming everywhere in the house (and our family room is huge :P), except for my brother’s room that is :roll:. It didn’t waste much time either. 2 hrs, 3 hrs tops, compared to the bazillion other hours I spend in front of my computer. I should make myself clean more often…then it’d prevent my room from becoming dust heaven. lol.

: I fixed up my collective a bit. It took me longer than I thought it would! I think now it looks better and not so confusing. It also made me realize how many sites I have…a lot! :P

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