I joined Despair.nu, another commenting site like Xposure.nu and it looks nifty :) You should join too!

WordPress: Okay. So upgrade to WP 2.0.1 was successful…kind of. Why does the comments link always say “No Hearts” now? It says there are no comments, but when there are indeed comments it still isn’t updated. Anyone else had this problem and a fix to it? Gah, I’d appreciate it. And if I can’t end up fixing it (which I would hate garg!) I’ll just change the link name to “comment on this” or something I guess :roll:.

School: I’m sooo tired…as usual on weekdays. I didn’t get much sleep yesterday. I was (starting) and finishing my English project and in the end I had to cram other homework in math class x_x. I always procrastinate! And I always pay! When will it end?!!! Well, it’ll end when I stop procrastinating I guess, but that’s unlikely, lol. For my project one of the things I did was draw a comic about my research topic…It’s kind of funny how I thought to myself, “This would be much easier if I just drew it all on the computer,” lol. Although I’m not much of an artist, it still would have been easier :P

BF problemsss…kind of getting repetitive and it’s really heart killing, but I do believe in the end we’ll get over it.

MySpace: Any mention of MySpace will get the whole class worked up and even the teacher involved! It’s pretty funny. It’s happened in English and Chemistry. My Chem. classmates kept talking about MySpace and Mr. Mocnik just kept shaking his head and laughing at the obsession of his pupils, lol. Exact quote:

“You guys sit at home licking batteries…on MySpace!!!”

It was pretty funny because we were talking about something Chem. related and then somebody said “that happens too when you lick batteries” or something, which triggered Mr. Mocnik’s licking batteries on MySpace comment. lol.

A bit of pervertedness: Not many people know this, but I can be a very perverted person, lol. But anyway, that has nothing to do with this really. My history teacher was talking about the industrial revolution or something (heck if I know) and she pretended to be a worker. “Bolt down the tire, screw in the nuts.” Or something like that. At first it seemed really immature to laugh and no one did. But she repeated it at least two mores times in a row, using hand gestures. It’s like, we get the point! That’s when everyone started cracking up, lol. Life Lesson: If you ever say something perverted sounding and didn’t mean for it to be, move on and do NOT repeat over and over. haha.

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