Fixed Comments: I fixed my comments! They display the correct number of comments now instead of “No Responses.” For once I actually got a reply at the WordPress support forums.

Bet a dollar that you’re running Spam Karma. Bet another dollar that you haven’t updated to his most recent version yet. :-D

He deserved two dollars. Haha. That was exactly it and all I had to do was upgrade my Spam Karma, which works very well in catching all spam by the way.

Visitor Today: We got a visitor today after school :) James emailed me yesterday asking if we wanted to meet up since my last entry was kinda depressing and it was like the one day he didn’t have MT practice. His hair grew! I didn’t really get to talk to him much, since Amed was a real James-hogger. I have created a new word: James-hogger. Ha, and Amed tells me he “doesn’t care about James.” Like when I used to talk about how I missed James in class he’d be like “whatever.” *rolls eyes* Well he didn’t seem to be like “whatever” today. It was nice seeing James though! With his Little Women pin on his jacket!

Illegal Site: Oh yeah, as for that illegal site I ranted about last time, my predictions were right and the dude opened up a new site. The new domain is now There’s not much I can do now, but I reported them to the actual VIZ site. I don’t know if they’ll ever take action or even read my message, but it was worth a try! I have to emphasize how very low and stupid the “staff” is at What kind of comebacks are these? “Watch out bitch, I’m tough.” “Go home and play with your barbies.” “Our site isn’t illegal! [even though they were shut down at least once].” “I’m not threatening you, but you better watch out because anyone could hack you! It’s reality!” Maybe if they gave me something remotely worth my time, I’d continue tracking them down, but gee, what kind of comebacks are those? Someone reminded me not to take it too seriously, and they’re absolutely right! I did all I could and now I’m just gonna let it go whether I see them shut down or not.

Beloved: Everything’s okay between Benny and me, I think. We’ve straightened things out and we’re both trying our best to not get too worked up over something not worth it. We’re going to try the best we can to last together :), not that we didn’t do that already before.

He’s also trying to introduce me to the music he likes. If you know me, you know I’ve never been really into music (gasp!). Well, unless you count choir and musical theatre and such. And music from anime, lol. Anyway, maybe if I like at least a few things he likes to listen to, we’ll have even more in common! Yay! Then we can watch movies, anime, read books, play online games, be addicted to our computers, and listen to the same kind of music together :D There are some things we’ll probably never have similar tastes in, but that makes life interesting, no?
Also, he’s going away this weekend.

me: learning a bout god in the great outdoors( farm)?
*unenthusiastically* whoooo
Benny: lol
i think we’re going to learn about the church -_-
me: yayyyy
Benny: lol
i know
me: i know you’re excited
Benny: very lol

Aww, I’ll miss him. He’s leaving during school on Friday and coming back on Sunday evening. I guess with him gone, maybe I’ll actually try to catch up on school work? Haha, that will be a miracle if that happens.

Religion: Sorry for those that are religious and are offended by the little snippet of our convo above… I totally respect that. In fact, Benny and I were talking about that yesterday. I kind of just realized that although I don’t have to be religious, religion is pretty important, whether it’s made up or totally real. For example, it causes many people to be good and keeps them in line. It gives peoples something to depend on and look to for guidance. If everyone if this world decided that religion was a bunch of hooey, I bet many more people would question life. “Why should I bother being a good person then? I’ll just go out and shoot people and steal money.” Not that that doesn’t happen already…but I think it’d be even worse without religion. I consciously realized this stuff before, but I never really fully realized how good religion can be.

Forums: Man, I joined a new forum just to see how it was. I’m not really involved in that many forums. I feel if I join too many I’ll end up just posting the same things and plus, it’s not like anyone’s going to notice me. Sure my posts will be there, but I might never be on close friend basis with anyone at the forums. And of course, they take up a lot of time! So anyone, I joined a new one to try it out. After like 3 posts there was already a dude snapping at my head. And there was this girl who just wanted info on pregnancy; I’m pretty sure she didn’t want to be called an idiot in the process. I don’t know…people call ME smart ass sometimes, and yet I see all of these other people being smart asses and really mean about it too. I’ll admit to my smart assiness sometimes, but it’s usually because the environment isn’t that great either. I think I’m just going to stick with hosting forums, posting for hosting forums where I already have lots of posts from previous times); fun forums, like Gaia Online; and my own forum, which is very low on members but maybe someday it will grow haha.