Idiot Convention: So the idiot I talked about earlier commented on that entry and then proceeded to call me childish because he thought I was deleting his comments and flagging him personally as spam. Well, newsflash, I have a thing called Spam Karma, an awesome plugin that catches nasty spam for me (gotta remember to thank the author!). LOL. It really doesn’t miss anything ;)

To the Idiots Themselves: Really, it’s OVER. I really don’t know why anyone is getting worked up NOW about this issue, because it’s pretty old now and I’m really over it. Life moves on. This page you’re looking at, it is called a blog. Say it with me: blooog. A place where you can write your thoughts without caring what people really think. An online journal or diary if you will. So get over it and accept the fact that in this lovely place of mine, it doesn’t really matter what jerkwads (heh, new vocab thanks to Amed) think. If you still want to fight over a topic I don’t care on giving time on anymore, then fine, go ahead. But don’t be surprised when Spam Karma catches your comments or if I decide to ban you from the site altogether.

The Point Is…Leave: I appreciate your feedback on this “controversial issue,” (not really) but this a blog, as I said before. Not a forum where you can debate your heart out, unfortunately (not really unfortunate though). I ask you to debate about it somewhere else. You can talk shiz about me if you want; I frankly don’t care. Just take it elsewhere. It’s funny how some of you have taken the liberty to demand to “see the rest of that convo” so you can decide who is right or wrong. Reality is, it’s over. Even if you don’t want it to be over, we’ll only be kicking a dead cat. The owner of I-H can lie about what happened and I can lie about what happened. Anybody who is anybody can lie to make this “internet drama” all the more juicy. So who’s to care really who is right or wrong? Maybe you’ll never find out. I have my own beliefs, and you have your own. Accept it and move on.
So if you use my blog as a little debate club you will be kicked to the boot. And if you think I’m a “chicken” for backing out, I already explained in that blog that I realized this is nothing to kill for and definitely not something to waste time and energy on. I’m sure you agree I’m not worth your time either, so you should move on too.

Beloved Commenters: Very sorry if I made it seem like the above was directed towards you. I’m sure you understand since every site has had at least a dose of “internet drama” no? Internet drama is very interesting, but I realized that you shouldn’t waste your time on these things. If I’m going to waste my time and energy on drama, I’d rather spend it in drama club or singing my heart out in choir :) Corny, but so very true for myself. Hopefully soon I’ll be able to take a performing class again…although it seems kind of unlikely with all these AP classes coming up… *shakes fist at school*

Speaking of AP: Lots of tests coming up. It’s pretty scary! This year, sophomore year, I’m taking AP World History so we’re going to take an SAT Subject test (28 dollars) and the AP test (for college credit). I really can’t say how many people are going to pass. This year’s history class has been a whole fast paced blur to me and I’m sure it is for a lot of other people too. There is no way to cram all this stuff in. Well, maybe there is but I’m not so sure it’ll lead me to victory…just brain damage :P

Here’s the unfair part: Students with free or reduced lunch get to pay for the AP test for… *drum roll* 5 dollars flat. Did you get that? FIVE dollars. Everybody else gets to pay… *drum roll* 72 dollars. SEVENTY TWO DOLLARS?! Compared to five. Hahaha, that is a huuuge difference. I have to pay the 72 dollars…you can probably tell because if I were the one paying 5 dollars I’d be saying how cool it was, haha.

And more tests! Next week we have the CAHSEE. It’s needed here to pass high school. It’s going to be an easy test, but I just need to freshen my memory up in math (never been good at it). And we can’t forget about the SAT Reasoning test and the ACT. We can’t take that till next year, but a year isn’t that far away especially when it goes by so fast. Now I am very thankful I’m in CRP! But waking up early those Saturday mornings (earlier than I would for school!) is pretty hard… :P

ATM: At the moment, my dad, some guy, and my brother are hovering over a laptop right next to me. *sweat drop* Whatever they’re doing (you know guys and technology. :P), it would have been nice to have a warning to leave before I got trapped here :P

Manga: I saw Absolute Boyfriend in the school library and HAD to read it, haha. It is hilarious. Benny can’t believe fun perverted stuff are in our school library, but I’m not complaining, lol. Here’s a funny excerpt (not exact words, but close): Girl: “I’m tired…I think I’m going to go to bed now.” Guy: “Okay!” *gets naked* “I’m ready now! Let’s go!” Girl: “Ack! How’d you get naked so fast?! *sweat drop*” lol. Basically, the girl applies for a free trial of an android dude online and didn’t realize every trait requested in the guy costed 10,000 big dollars. So even though it’s a free trial, she has 1 million dollars to cough up! And telling your mom, “Mom, I accidentally bought a robotic sex dude online. Can I have a million bucks?” is not easy. haha.