CRP: Today was another CRP meeting. From 7:15 AM to 12:30 PM. The meetings are going to be “short” days from now on :P The first day was from 7:15 to like… 4 PM :O We have to get to school on our own, but there’s a bus provided for us to get to the university and back. I think that’s really, really cool how everything that is provided for us costs us no fees. Plus, they gave us free supplies and food too :D. On the bus ride there Benny and I read a manga together (more specifically, he read to me :) ). I forgot I get car sick if I read or play games. Blah. Either that or I get easily sick during this time (if you know what I mean ;P ). AKA it sucks to be a girl sometimes xP

Today was our first day in separate classrooms (each group had a different classroom and teacher). We basically talked about test prep and good/bad habits for school. It made me aware of a few new things. But there’s only one thing I can remember right now lol. You can have two sets of friends: “academic” friends and “party” friends. For example: I consider Idalia as my academic friend. Maybe she’d be my party friend if she didn’t decline my invites to go out :P, but she’s one busy and dedicated (school-related) chick! Lucky for me though, Benny is both my “academic” and “party” friend :) I can be with him anywhere and have fun. But at the same time I can study with him and get help with my homework (although we do get distracted sometimes, lol).

Good news! I made a new friend! I didn’t think I’d get to meet anyone, but never give up hope I guess. Hmm. I think it just depends on who is sitting next to you and whether they want to meet you or not. Maybe now CRP won’t seem so lonely/boring when we’re in separate groups and I’m away from Benny. Her name’s Noor (Pronounced like “nor”). She goes to a school a city away from my city. She seems really nice and I don’t feel awkward around her. I didn’t think of asking for her email…I should next time, lol. Since after CRP we might never talk again.

And on the bus ride back home I hid in Benny’s arms and felt like five years old :). It’s a really nice feeling to feel so safe/happy/loved and not worry about nothing else in the world..even if it’s just for a little while. His mom took me to school this morning and also took me home :) Benben said he asked her if I was a “burden” to drive around yesterday because I always tell him I don’t want to be a burden to his mom :P

Benny (3/17/2006 8:24:17 PM): i asked my mom if she thought you were some kind of burden ( you know how you say that about her driving you and stuff), she said, “why would she be? She’s really nice and sweet i would never think of her as a burden”

Aww, I feel so lurved. When you look good in your boyfriend’s mother’s book, that’s a good thing :D

The cool thing was Benny called me afterwards saying his mom wanted to take us out to eat. I really wanted to go, but I was kind of relunctant because I told my mom I’d be home at 12:30. Oh, and she did come home like pretty soon after Benny called, so it was the right decision. But the thought was really nice :) I hope I have the chance to go out with both of them sometime soon! I wonder if Benny’s mom think of me as a long term girlfriend or a short term girlfriend. I must work for long term girlfriend!

: You know, I have never eaten or thought there’d be a shrimp burrito. Until my mom bought some that is. Sounds weird, but it actually is good :). Of course, you’d have to be a seafood lover AND a burrito lover to like it, lol. And well…this kind of ends my blog. Haha, who would have thought I’d end my blog talking about shrimp burritos.