Date: Finally, a Saturday of fun! I hadn’t gone out with Benny in a quite a while because of school work getting in the way.
Because Benny no longer has church school on Saturdays, we got to stay till 6 PM, which is much longer compared to leaving at 4 PM :)

We decided not to watch a movie because I didn’t like any of the ones playing. We went “shopping,” shopping in quotation marks because we didn’t buy much. We looked around in some stores.

Food: Benny bought me my first Jelly Belly box. lol. Those are so good (Excluding black licorice…eww!). They taste like the real thing. Take a look at the flavor guide. CHOCOLATE PUDDING is my favorite. MM. I’ve always hated jelly beans before, but when I discovered Jelly Belly I sure turned around. I gotta bug my mom to go back to that store and buy me sweets :P We ate at Boudin again…having the usual clam chowder bread bowl.

Feminine Side: I also learned that Benny has a feminine side! Haha, I wonder if most guys have a feminine side. We were looking at paintings and he pointed out how nice the paintings of flowers were. How cute.

What’s the Occasion?: All of the stores we checked out were pretty busy..even “The Cointainer Store.” A store that sells containers and wrapping shiz. But they do have pretty nifty and clever stuff. Like a mesh giftcard box so you can wrap it up and give it as a present :P I have to remember to go back there when I need to wrap up a present :P I wonder what everyone was shopping for…easter?

Easter: Speaking of easter, my mom bought me some marshmallow chicks. I’ve always loved them because they’re so cute :P I wonder how long it’s been since I’ve gone “egg hunting.” I remember when I used to go egg hunting with my cousins. I won a big chocolate basket one time because I found a winning ticket in an egg! Haha, good memories. I also remember when there would be egg hunts during school time in elementary.

I Owe Him!: I owe my BooBoo soo much. He’s helped (Okay…well…he did all of it) me with my homework for the past few days for AP World History class. I feel so stupid…I don’t get a thing that’s going on and I haven’t been able to complete these assignments. And I feel so in debt…but I will make it up to him by showering him with love and doing his English homework :P. English is almost the only thing I understand and like. Sigh. Benny says I don’t owe him at all since he’s made me feel bad a lot, but I still think I owe him lots. I’m also going to buy him a new shirt! lol.

Marriage: I read a blog the other day from surfing BlogMad and it made me wonder… how long does it take for a married couple to be completely comfortable together? Comfortable as in… farting, being on the can, etc. Hahaha. That’s a really good question… I wonder how long it took my parents to be so comfortable together. I mean, my dad can be taking a shower while my mom’s on the can talking to him. lol. Too much information.

BlogMad: Speaking of BlogMad. This is my current rank! You should join too and get some free hits!

My BlogMad Ranking

Camera: Ever since ever I’ve ADORED those tiny little cameras. I usually don’t ask my parents for much, so I asked for one for my birthday (which was back in December). They didn’t get me it…but said they would later when a cheap camera would pop up. My mom finally mentioned about the camera yesterday and said she’d take a look at it today. She said in person it wasn’t the tiny camera I wanted and the one that was perfect was too expensive. Hmm. Good things come to those who wait? I sure hope so! I have a feeling I won’t get that camera any time this year…

Report Card: I got my report card back for the last quarter. A “B” in math and AP World History. That stinks. What stunk more was the fact that my dad ripped open my report card and didn’t even bother to show it to me first. Those are my grades and my hard work…should I be the one to see them first? It’s not like I’ve ever hidden my report cards from my parents before; I always show it to them. He didn’t even give the letter to me. I didn’t even know my report card was sent home until my mom asked holding the ripped up envelope, “Did you want to show this report card to me? You left it near my bed.” I don’t know why, but it ticked me off.

High School Musical: Heh, I watched “High School Musical” on the Disney Channel yesterday. It had a happy ending, so I’m a happy camper :P More thoughts! I wonder what the musical/drama instructor would do if: two siblings (brother and sister) earned two very big and romantic roles in the play. Would they go through with it? Would they stage it so that the brother and sister wouldn’t have any physical contact? Or would the instructor have to be unfair and not cast the siblings together? INTERESTING. haha. I thought of that when I watched the Disney Channel movie because the antagonists were a brother and a sister. Both were very excellent singers, were cast in a lot of plays, and they auditioned together in a duet for a big part in the musical.