I have a funny story to tell. It’s not MY story, but it’s okay to tell it, isn’t it?

My classmate, Amed, came to class a little later than usual this morning. He wasn’t late, but he was panting and came in close to the bell ringing. The story is this: He went with his mom to drop off his little sister at Greenville, an elementary school. She kept insisting to bring the cat into the car with them and his mother didn’t object. When Amed got dropped off at our school, the cat came out of the car. Amed picked it up and waved at his mom yelling, “Mom, the cat!” However, she either was mad at him and didn’t want to listen, or she didn’t hear and see him. Which meant…Amed was dropped off at school holding a cat while his mother drove away. LOL. No pets are allowed in school of course…so he did the only thing he could do: put the cat down and let it go.

Sometimes during random times (like after running in PE) Amed would ask, “Have you seen my cat?” lol. He said it was a big black cat. Haha, that is very funny yet sad. I hope the cat finds its way back home, or at least not get run over.

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