Although my summer began sucky, it ended up (mostly) very nicely :) Here is a short list summarizing the good things that happened during my summer:

– Visits from friends
– First hair cut in forever
– Community Service
– Picnic
– Bonfire at beach
– Played lots of Maple…first two months anyway
– Watched fireworks
– Study dates
– Job hunting (not for me.. XD)
– Birthday Parties
– Rare mother/daughter time
– Swimming Lessons
– Metro loitering
– Movie Dates
– Shopping (lots of it)
– Wild Rivers
– Reunion
– Slumber Party

Thanks for making my summer awesome :)

Now that school has started… well. I’ve already said many times to people that I am already sick of school. It’s only been a week, but I’m kind of sick of it. I don’t know, maybe if I keep in contact with friends I’ll forget about it all. Or at least have them suffer with me, lol.

Sleep…oh boy. I miss having that thing so much! Ever since ever, I’ve had my screwed up sleeping schedule. So I’ve been trying not to take naps. It’s been working, but the schoolwork is a lot already, so I haven’t been sleeping early. So basically I’ve been getting about 4 to 5, more or less, hours of sleep a day. It worries me a bit because I can’t imagine how it would be during the middle of the school year.

So this is my schedule:

2nd: AP Chem, Mocnik
3rd: AP Lang, Verhaegen
Seminar: J. Canzone
4th: AP US, Gutierrez
1st Lunch
5th: Yearbook, Jordan
6th: H Math Analysis, Tamaoki
7th: Spanish 3-4, Jespersen

AP Chem first thing of the day… great. So I have all of my difficult classes in the morning. Not bad I guess; at least I’ll get them out of the way first. There won’t be lunch time to do work, but lunch time isn’t that long anymore anyway.

Mr. Mocnik is a nice is a nice guy, extremely smart and professional. Ms. Verhaegen…in the words of Amed, she seems “full of herself” haha and her expectations are very high. I shouldn’t be surprised since this is AP but I can’t help but be bitter when the other AP english class has it easier. Ms. Canzone is an overall nice teacher. Ms. Gutierrez is a nice lady it seems. Ms. Jordan is also a very nice lady and she’s even better when she’s no longer your history teacher… Ms. Tamaoki isn’t exactly the *best* teacher, but she certainly is very nice and tries her best to not have our grades drop too much. And finally, Mr. Jespersen is the weirdest teacher I have ever had, and I use the word weird in a bad way. He tries very hard to make jokes that no one laughs at (at which point he would say “you’re supposed to laugh”), he loves to tell the same story every day (MEGA short term memory..), and he also loves to bag on his wife, which I hope is just him joking around. Otherwise, I seriously do not know how he got married with kids…

First lunch! I’v always wanted first lunch, but unfortunately not everyone got it too. I feel like we’re missing half of our friends. One time while we were helping the library in yearbook class, we visited Tiffy and etc’s table and it felt pretty empty too. Bummer. But at least I get to sit with some of my favorite people :)

And yeah. I still have more homework to go. lol. Let the torture begin!