Yes, the first school dance for the 2006-2007 school year! At first it was supposed to be from 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM but I guess they extended it to 11:00 to attract more people. They also kept extending the possible times to buy a dance ticket… “Buy your ticket now! They’re running out fast!” Haha, right.

I like dances, but only if a bunch of my friends are going. For some reason nobody decided to go to this dance. I can see people don’t want to waste their money on a dance, but if they bought a ticket right away the price wouldn’t have been that bad… twenty three dollars (with an asb card though…). The price keeps going up each week. So since nobody was going, I didn’t want to go myself, but I kind of had to. Since I’m on the yearbook staff and I’m doing the dance pages, I had to go. Someone else in my group could have gone (Luis or Areli), but they were busy. Or so they say! lol. All I know is, next time they’ll be the ones to go or they’ll help pay for my ticket.

The good thing is, I knew for sure Mart and Jess were gonna be there because ASB has to go to all the dances (they also have to pay for their ticket…what a drag). They had to be there at 6:30 though. And miraculously, I dragged Steven along, lol.

When my mom dropped me off, it was like totally empty… WTF. lol. And Steven and I were supposed to meet at the wall where you get dropped off, but because it was so empty and dark I couldn’t see where he was and called him. But after a few varations of “where are you?” I saw a shadow walking along the walls and was like “hey is that you?” lol. So we walked to the front of the gym, and were greeted by Mart! He got a haircut :( but it wasn’t drastic, yay! haha. Then I saw Jess before going in too, whoo.

Then before going in to the dance we were supposed to show them our tickets and our IDs. No ID, no dance. Crap. It was the one time I lost my ID card. I barely found out I lost it on Friday when I was going to go to the game, and I ended up not going because I couldn’t find my ID. But, thanks to Steven’s genius-ness, I brought my ID from last year just in case. It worked too, because they didn’t check the year on it. Okay. Got through that. So we went inside the gym. Picture a big foggy room pulsing with loud music. And only a few people scattered around in it! Yeah, I felt weird and it was pretty sad to see barely anyone.

So anyway, we pass time by sitting at a table for a while… but then we went into another room where there were the card dealers and karaoke. I busted out my camera and took a few pictures. Some people had a go at the karaoke machine. then we went back to the dance floor… But the fog totally made it difficult for my camera! I think Jess took the only good picture… haha, thanks Jess. Then we went back to watching people attempt at singing… haha. This one guy sang the Thong Song. Oh god. It was so… horrible… but he really put his heart in it! lol. Then we went back to the dance floor to see who would be Junior King and Queen, Sophmore Prince and Princess, and Freshman Prince and Princess. Crap. I don’t know who won except Mia and Caesar. lol. I’m gonna have to find out later for yearbook…

Then we went back to Karaoke… and wow. It was like a drunk crowd of monkeys! Finally, finally, finally, we went out to dance. And I got Jess to stay! Yay! That was fun, spelling out bananas at the top of my lungs in Mart’s face. lol. Ah yes. But then the slow song came on, so we retreated. Haha, then Jess was like “I don’t care, let’s just go!” so the four of us made a circle and hugged each other and swayed, lol. Then we felt stupid. So Mart and me agreed that Jess should dance with Steven. But when we suggested that idea, that sent Jess running back to the tables, where we followed suit. lol. And then, the end, the dance was over. Before we left though, we made sure to grab a stash of the desserts. OMG. Jess asked them what they did with the leftover food and they say they just throw it out! Ah… so I made sure to keep my plate full. That’s sucks…wish I had hands to take more with me, lol. So finally we exchanged hugs and went home. Except for Mart and Jess, since they had to stay after to clean up for ASB I guess, lol.

As for my yearbook questions… ugh. The answers people put down weren’t exactly gold. I’m gonna have to resort to asking the people I know to answer the questions.

So basically, it started out as a total drag and got better in the end. But all in all, I’m happy with my plate of food *stares at brownies lovingly*

Monte Carlo dance ticket