Today was a fun-filled day.

I hung out at Metro with Jazmin. We saw Mart and Jess for a short while and then went to see a movie: Stranger Than Fiction. I recommend it! It’s about a woman who is a writer, and she does not realize this, but whatever she writes controls the life of a man. Jazmin paid for my ticket and Freeze Frame; aww, that was nice of her. Haha, she was my date for the day. We hugged and played footsies. WOW. Up close and personal huh? We also went shopping, although it was more like window shopping.

Around 5 PM my brother picked us up and we went to the Art Gallery. Before we went to eat we visited American Apparel (store). The Hush Sound T-shirts in the online store say they are from American Apparel and I always wondered what kind of brand that was. Now I know!

First we ate at the Gypsy Den. My meal was tasty, along with my hot cocoa :) It was quite cozy in there. Couches and everything. Our table was the only one with a non-working light. Boo, what a rip-off, lol. Afterwards we walked around and visited the art galleries. There were some things that I liked but they were a little too expensive for me.

There was a table of food in just about every gallery! Some rooms even had stuff like expensive, smelly cheese and stuff. Funny thing is, they all had wine. I was dying of thirst from all of the junk I was eating, but there was nothing but wine. We stumbled upon an unsupervised table, so I took a glass of purple liquid and sniffed it because we couldn’t decide if it was really wine or not. We didn’t expect it to be wine because it was left on the table unsupervised and plus why would they spend expensive wine for random guests? But it was indeed wine when I took a whiff *yuck! I hate the smell of wine* Then, there was another unsupervised table at another room. There was a tasty looking fruit drink in a pitcher, so I was going to pour myself some to try, until Edwin told me it had alcohol in it. Imagine! I would have had some if Edwin didn’t tell me. After the guy who watched the table came back, he put away the pitcher…like he should have done before :P

It was all very fun! Hip Hip Hooray.