Dear Santa,

I know you’re a big fake, so here’s to hoping my friends and family grant me my wishes! xD (I’ve had this list since like, last last year so it was easy just adding to it :P)

Must Haves
Whether you buy anything or not, I’d still like any of these please :) *
– Email
– Letter
– E-Card
– Birthday Card
– Personalized Graphic

– iPod / iPod nano *
– Anything from Bath and Body Works *
– Lucky Stars Paper (Example HERE)
– Gel Pens (Gel Pens are so cool! hehehehehehe)
– Stuffed Animals (I love them ^.^ They never fail and I’m never too old for them. Keep that in mind if you’re ever stumped on what to get me! ;D)
– Gift certificates…they aren’t that thoughtful…but still very nice to get. lol. I mean, who can complain? Free giftcard! Whooo.
– Furniture, and anything else that can be used in my room to make it look spiffy 8-) *
– Those cute little knick knacks you can display on your table. I have a whole collection of crap on my desk :P
– Purse/Handbag/Tote *
– Wallet
– Posters to decorate my ever so plain room with. You’ll have to use your own judgement on what kind of posters to get ;)
– A Showerbug Radio. How cool, I’ll never be bored in the shower again :P (Ex: Click Here) *

Sanrio Stuff
– Cute erasers
– Stationary
– Notebooks
– Those adorable lead pencils
– Basically..ANYTHING from Sanrio…because I’m a sucker for cute knick knacks :P

– New Shoes (Generally I’m a size 5 to 5 1/2 ;D ) *
– Pajamas! Keep the two c’s in mind… comfy and cute!
– Jewelry. Just remember I can’t wear earrings anymore! (And I surely would NOT want to wear sticker earrings or clipons :P)
– Socks are so much fun! Funkaay
– Gloves, WARM gloves. I have gloves but they don’t help me much in the warm department…which defeats the whole reason of me wearing gloves.
– A T-Shirt from! *
– The adorable GAIA AFK Hat from Gaia Online! *
– A hat from I LOVE their hats! Here are the picks that I really like: [Original Hats] Ferret, Evil Panda, Happy Fox*, Hungry Hippo*, Panda, Piggy. [Character Hats] Alien, Arigato, Blinky the Cat, Grr, Magical Bunny*, Rockstar Bunny*, Skeleton.
– A T-Shirt from one of my favorite bands, The Hush Sound!
– I love getting new clothes. And fyi my favorite clothing store is Wet Seal ;P *

– Those cool “every flavor” jelly beans. Jelly Belly!
– Anything yummy basically. Bear in mind edibles are eaten…which means your present won’t last too long :P

– * = very very desired