My 17th birthday was awesomely awesome! Oh, and I forgot to add that Peter and Lindy have the exact same birthday as me :)

James and Jessica came over to my house, since my brother was going to give them a ride to Boomers. They hung out for a while, and apparently Matt needed a ride too, so we had to wait for him. He came running–literally–from his friend’s house. He finally got here and we headed off to Boomers! It was my first time seeing him in a long time too! He has even longer hair than me now since I cut mine.

When we got to Boomers we saw Mart and Ruel coming right out of their cars at the same time too! Talk about coincidence. I called Jackie too, since she got there before us. Lindy and Peter and Thuy and their other friends were already there too, since they changed the start time to noon instead of 2. I decided to stick with 2 PM because it was too late to change it and that’s too early (I like to sleep in, okay?) and that’d be way too much time at Boomers, haha. It was fun seeing everyone, hanging out, eating, and such. Lots of people fed me bits of their food so I ended up full!

I didn’t actually do anything. I know, that’s kinda lame. But I didn’t want to (nor did I have the choice anyway) to buy the unlimited pass for 22 buckeroos and paying so much for one game didn’t seem appealing with the few dollars I held in my wallet, haha. But it was still fun! Watching the mini golf game was *extra* fun. I laughed my socks off every time a ball went rolling up a hill and came back down to its starting point. We even had cake and fried wantons, thanks to Lindy’s mom. Oh, and I got caked thanks to *some* people. I felt really icky. But that’s all part of growing up huh? HA.

Then after leaving Boomers we went to my house for my little “camp out” party in my backyard. The idea was thanks to the s’more maker Steven gave me. James, Jackie, Mart, Ruel, Thuy, Lindy, Matt, and Jazmin came over. That was pretty fun. I ate so many s’mores I got sick of them. lol. Sadly, Matt ripped Mart’s beloved finger trap. RIP, finger trap.

After most of the people left, it was just myself, Matt, Jazmin, and James. We laid on this mattress we have in the family room, and eventually all snuggled under a shared blanket. How that happened, I don’t know. But it was fun talking and such. I only wish it could have lasted longer. Slumber partyyyy, haha that would have been a kick. They had to leave at around 12:30 AM.

Oh, and Steven didn’t come only because I didn’t pick up my phone. My fault? I think not! He could have left a message. Or at least called from a number not restricted so I could have known to call him back :P Oh well, at least he was thinking about calling me again, before he fell asleep on the couch that is…. xD

– Cinnamoroll stuffed animal from James (It’s adorable!)
– Bottle of purple straw stars from Jess (She made them herself!)
– Donald Duck stuffed animal from Marty (He got it from DLand and I remember that day he had texted me, asking me how I felt about ducks :P) with a sweet card
– Dumbo stuffed animal from Lindy (It goes with Kimbo!)
– Chocolate pretzels, $40, a card, and shoe-shaped notepads from my mom’s friend (That’s extremely nice of her to remember me each year)
– A Wet Seal shirt, 17 paper stars, a handbag from Thuy (She is *so* thoughtful! She knows I love Wet Seal and she also knew I’ve always wanted a handbag big enough to fit more stuff :))
– Matt coming all the way from Oregon to come to my birthday party (Not true, but he did come and it was just in time too, since he only had a few days left till he went back)
– Singing Panda stuffed animal and S’more Maker from Steven (He gave it to me early, and I love them! Someone actually listens to me :P)
– Boots and Paul Frank hoodie from Mom (We got it early)
– People that showed up to make my day special!
– People that left me nice messages!

All in all, an extremely special and fun day!