I have like, five other drafts saved, that are supposed to be blog entries. But I don’t feel up to it and I just want to rant about my week. Keyword: RANT. I’m sure nobody cares and nobody likes to read someone else’s complaints, so I made it clear that this entry will be solely complaining.

So if I said, “I took two days off of school,” I bet people would be like, “How lucky!” And if I mentioned that taking two days off would give me a five day weekend, I bet people would be like, “Oh em gee! That is so not fair.”


I feel soooo sick. You would think having all of that time off would be plenty of time to finish your homework, but that is so, so wrong. I feel terrible and I’ve been mostly in bed under cover. I think I have the flu! Yay! It started on Monday. On Monday I felt achey all over my body and my head hurt.

On Tuesday I was coughing pretty badly and I had a fever. I slept all day on Tuesday. Literally. I came home around 4 PM, took medicine and was knocked out on my bed until 11 PM. At that point, I ate soup, took more medicine, and slept until the next morning. No homework was due the next day, but I was supposed to use that time to work on it because finishing it all in one day is really hard…

So on Wednesday I’m looking miserable and people are wondering why I went to school. Yay sore throat, fever, cough, runny nose, aching, and headaches!

So I finally gave in and stayed home on Thursday. I heard that I missed out on registering for the SATs. And I missed out on a DBQ essay.

And sadly enough it’s Friday and I’m still sick. Hmm… So today I don’t know what else I missed but I know I missed out on more wonderful chem knowledge, the power point presentation and notes, the quiz for history which we are supposedly not allowed to retake, etc. The world does not stop when you’re sick…

I haven’t missed school since like elementary school. Which goes to show I’ve never really been too sick during school days. Next time I’m wearing a mask to school because all you infected children are walking around campus!!!! lol -_-

Sigh. This was not how I wanted to start out my new semester. Oh, there’s that silly drawing; if you aren’t absent from this week to like May or something you get to participate in a drawing for a new car. Kind of ironic that they announce it the week I’m sick. I don’t really care. I just wanted to start out new. A new semester. Damn you, viruses!

Hmm. I’m kind of debating on whether to write this out or not. Because it’s more of a personal thing and people might just write me off as a self-revolving bitch… It’s kind of saddening to see that when you’re gone people do not notice. I’m not talking about every one of your peers. Just people that you talk to at least once a day, or walk with you to class, or sit right next to you in class, or something. Besides myself, one of my friends was gone for a long time…and practically permanently too, but some people didn’t even notice till weeks later. *shrugs* I guess it’s too much to ask for when other things like teen gossip are more important…right? I don’t know. It got me thinking that if you suddenly disappeared, the majority of people would not notice at all.

Of course, I’d be unfair if I said everyone was like that… there are the precious few that care and bother to check up on you, and they’re really nice people to know.