I haven’t slept since 3 AM so I have some time before school starts. And since I haven’t written an entry in a long time, I thought I’d do a quick update.

I’ve been sick for like the past two weeks. *DAMN FLU* Before I was sick I was already slowly falling out of school. I don’t know if that phrase even makes sense. But hopefully you know what I mean… Okay so I came to realize you probably don’t know what I mean, so I’ll elaborate. I was already sick of school and my work ethic was slowly dying. When the big bad flu hit me, that was it. I didn’t do anything except stay at home and sleep. I only missed two days of school but I really fell behind. After I got a little better, I had a few chances to get back into the game. But I didn’t. I was so overwhelmed by everything. So I gave up. “I quit,” I would say repeatedly.

Okay, so that was bad. Here I am with my last three day weekend with a chance to catch up, but yet again I left it for Sunday night. Hell, I wouldn’t even call it Sunday night. Technically it was Monday morning. It was 12 AM but I laid down for “a little while” before I would “get to hard working.” Um yeah. I totally fell asleep. I woke up at 3 AM thinking, “Damn. I did it again.” And here I was thinking I would redo chapter 24, and do chapter 25 and 26 and my zinn questions and maybe squeeze in some english time. I managed to finish most of the stuff I missed for history… I just pray she’ll accept it. I foresee myself doing some begging…

Anyway, so here I am. Haven’t slept since 3 AM but I’m hoping this week will be “different” although I say that every week… I’m kind of disgusted with myself.

Despite the lovely and boring school stuff, I actually have a *love life*. To cut the story short… I liked him for a long time and we had this weird relationship. I had a lot on my mind and it was too much to deal with. So I tried to ignore it and “never get involved ever again.” But it got harder with each time I saw him. To cut to the chase, he was really cute and nervous on Valentine’s Day and eventually asked me out after I asked him where our relationship was going. Haha, I never would have guessed that I would end up taken on Valentine’s Day. Oh, and his name is Mart, I guess I should have mentioned that earlier ;P

Yeah, there’s more than that but that long version is for myself (and maybe a few select people…).

What else… um… my mom doesn’t understand what “AP weighted grade” means (yeah, you can picture her dismayed at my B’s…), my brother isn’t talking to me (I’m ready when he’s ready!), and hmm. I can’t remember right now, but maybe that’s because I barely got any sleep.

But yeah, I’d really like to thank people that have wished me well, and people that were really sweet while I was sick and brought me SOUP (*coughs at Thuy*), and people that gave me pep talks (*coughs at Dave*), and people that made me happy (*coughs at Jazmin*) and especially Steven and Mart for making me (for the most part!) get back on my feet. There’s more, but I think I’m gonna fall asleep now zzZZzz

Wow, life can be really sh*tty and really wonderful at the same time =)