During English class one day for some reason, I took a look at everyone and glanced quickly at all the girls’ faces. Each face was “painted”, or at least had dark, black marks circling their eyes. I always knew I was one of the few girls that did not wear makeup, but there were times like these when I would think to myself, “Wow, I really am one of the few.” Of course, this was just my English class, but still. When it’s an entire class and not one face (other than mine of course) is make-up-free, it still says something.

The only person recently that has directly made me feel better about it was Edwin. I don’t remember how it would come up, but he would comment on my non-make-up look and tell me he liked my “naturalness.”

That’s just Edwin, though. It makes me wonder what other boys think when they look at my face. “Eww, she’s the only girl that doesn’t wear makeup”? Or “More girls should wear less make-up”? Or do they not even notice? No matter what reaction I play in my head, I still think about how messed up society is.

If boys see me and think about my clear face in a negative way, it really shows how men have the upper hand in some things. There’s only one reason why girls are wearing make-up: it’s for the boys. I know that most girls wouldn’t care if they were wearing make-up if it was an all-girls’ school because girls kind of have this “sisterhood” thing, or at least they wouldn’t try to “pretty” themselves up to make them look “more appealing” if there were no males around.

If they see me in a positive way, then I’m happy about that, but I’ll never really know unless I ask them myself. And that is something I’d much rather not do (Imagine the possibility of the majority of them telling me I’d look better in make-up…). That’s because they would never have the guts to say something nice.

If they are just neutral about it, then that’s another bad thing. Because girls are doing all of this work, making make-up a routine for the rest of their lives…and the boys will never even care. A whole load of waste, if you ask me.

It’s getting harder to be one of the only girls in high school that doesn’t wear make-up. It was extremely discouraging when I saw one of my good friends wear make-up for the first time, because I remember making a pact and discussing the horrors of make-up. It’s discouraging to see someone new give in. Of course, I tried to tell myself it was their choice and their face! I still believe that. People can do whatever they want. But that won’t stop me from being disappointed and appalled at our society.

It’s discouraging to see so many people mistakening me for a freshman or even younger (I’m almost a senior). I’m pretty sure if I wore make-up people would add in a few years instead of a few years less. I experience it a lot. Like yesterday, when this girl asked me if I was a freshman. After a militant “no” from me, then she asked me if I was a sophomore. Another weary “no” from me and all she said was “oh.” And here’s the funny part. I was at the Ring Stand (A Jostens representative was stationed at school for juniors wanting to purchase class rings) and as a person going to buy a “class of 2008” ring, you would think she would have discovered I was also a “class of 2008” graduate.

I would have been less angry if it was someone else, but she put me in the red zone. Seriously. She was in my yearbook class and in the same exact little group as mine. It consisted of her, myself, another girl, and another boy. Four people, and we spent a lot of time doing those stupid “getting to know each other” exercises and group projects. And we already discussed my age. I’m tired of people asking me if I’m a freshman, or even an 8th grader, but my patience is growing thin for people that ask me twice or more.

Oh, I do realize it might be a good thing to look younger in the longrun. But right now it’s plain annoying and discouraging.

I’m turning 18 years old this December. I still wonder when will be my turn to give in and be a make-up slave.