Well, I’ve really wasted my spring break and I barely went out. However, I think at least one great thing has happened to me. I’ve gotten back into writing. And it’s not just a short poem. I’m going to make another attempt at writing a *real* story. Not just a story, a real novel. It’s pretty exciting. I’ve got 4,100 words written so far. I didn’t write in chronological order. I’ve been skipping here and there, and only focusing on images that are really vivid to me in my mind.

After writing those 4,100 words of vivid scenes, I stopped. I knew it would be difficult to get all of my ideas organized. So I did a quick search on Google to learn about some techniques and methods people use to write their novels. I liked this one method called the “snowflake” method and decided to use some of it.

For example, making a stylesheet listing the scenes and chapters and a short summary for each. That’s genius! I can chronologically organize everything and it’ll be easy to see a quick overview. It’ll be sort of like an outline. I think this will be the toughest part. After that, writing the story will be a breeze…for the most part anyway.

I also created a character sheet. Doh! Why didn’t I think of that? Of course, the characters are extremely important and I should keep their motives and etc in mind while writing the story.

I also wrote a short summary of the entire story. Why didn’t I think of this either? This could be used as text on the back cover of the book someday ;) But more importantly, it helped me kind of see what the story is really going to be about.

I’m really excited. My goal is to finish this spreadsheet.