Damn it, why have I done this again?

About a month ago I created this plan and even calculated how many pages a day I would have to read to finish my AP review books for the AP exams AND have more than a week left over to review anything extra. And here I am, less than a week before the exam and I have not even touched my plan. This is great. I always do this to myself and if I were a violent person, I would slap myself in the face. Hard.

I have FIVE days left. Technically, now only four because today is almost over. Plus, I’ll be in school for the next four days, so that’ll definitely cut into my time. What have I done???

Okay. I need some positive thoughts. The good thing is, I’ve been staying focused throughout AP US history all year. I slacked off and probably didn’t read a few chapters, but for the most part I’ve at least gone over all of the material in our history book. So the good thing about that is, while I review it won’t be anything completely foreign to me. It’s a huge improvement from last year…World History. I don’t remember reading anything in our book and the things I got to review were almost latin to me.

Now that I’ve wasted more time, I think it’s time I got back to studying. Yippee. When will I learn.