I’ve taken one full practice test for APUSH, 2 diagnostics (only 40 questions), and probably other practice tests on the side. And I’ve been getting twos… Argh… That’s not good… I should be getting at least a three. :( When I checked my answers to see why they were wrong, I saw that my second choice is usually the correct one. I hate when there are two close answers and I guess the wrong one “:\ Blah… Hopefully after more studying I can at least improve to a three. Not to mention the essays are half of the score…but I’m hoping if I do well on multiple choice it means I’ll know enough to be decent on my essays.

Today was extremely hot. I tutored for math for CSF with Tri today. Thank goodness it’s only Geometry and Algebra (though I hate geometry) because I’m not that good at math. That’s a known fact since elementary school (*remembers hating fractions and imaginary pies*).

I’m extremely worried for AP chem as well because the practice tests we’ve been doing…I’ve been getting twos as well. But since chem is a few days after APUSH I guess I’m pushing it aside for a while…. Same with AP Lang. Gah.

Yep, back to studying.