It’s surprising that I’m actually up early these days. Last week was really relaxing (except for the days where I did major cramming for the AP tests), so I had a lot of sleep. I wish I could keep this schedule forever and ever! But there are so many things that are guaranteed to get in the way… More homework = more procrastinating and less sleep. Summer = fun times and late nights. So I wonder how soon my horrible habit will come back.

So AP testing is over!

AP US History was hmm… I could answer the multiple choice section, but there are always two answers that seem really close to the true answer and knowing my luck, I always go for the wrong one. My essays were probably weak… The DBQ was about the effects on agriculture from 1965-1900. Which was great, because of all things I probably know about agriculture the least :P The FRQ were okay I guess, but I didn’t have enough information in my brain to write a really detailed and convincing essay.

Next was AP Chem. It was hard! The multiple choice questions were difficult as usual. The free response questions were difficult too… I answered just about everything but I’m not sure how correct they were. Mr. Mocnik went over the FQR answers in class and it was torture! I couldn’t remember what exactly I put down for my answers, but my answers were not looking good compared to his. If I pass, I’ll be more than overjoyed…

Finally there was AP English Language. It was nice to have an exam where I didn’t really have to cram all night. I had a good night’s sleep and I only quickly looked over a list of terms. I thought the difficult parts were the limited time you have to read everything and pick out right answers, the fact that two answers would seem both correct, and there were some terms thrown in the answer choices that I didn’t know. I thought the essays were somewhat easy, but I guess it’ll either be a good or bad outcome, judging on what the graders think of them.

I just hope to pass at least one exam. If I don’t, I’ll probably cry. No joke! But oh well. It’s over! Well, I still have the ACT and subject tests though. And the end of the year projects they’re throwing at us.

Last Tuesday (the 15) I went to the choir room to try out for Chamber Singers. I think I did alright on everything EXCEPT the sight reading. I could read the notes and sing it in tune and beat for him, but I didn’t have a clue in telling him what key it was in. Hopefully that doesn’t bog me down too much. If I don’t make it in, I’m not sure what other class to take. My schedule is too busy for me to take another core class.

Then after school, I went to Jazmin’s house to learn to skate! I can’t skate very well…I can’t even describe my skating as “skating.” But it was only Day 1 and it was pretty good. At first I couldn’t even stand up in her sister’s inline skates. After I while, I could stand and then we practiced inside of her house on the tile (there was a couch I could hold on to). Then we went outside and I practiced on the sidewalk. Her sister kept putting rocks on the sidewalk as an “obstacle,” but I was like…”Dude, I can barely stand on these skates” haha. And out of nowhere she would stick a huge log of wood in the middle of the sidewalk…lol. As Dave says, I look like a penguin trying to skate!

Yesterday morning (the 19) I woke up at 5 to get ready, since I had to go to this SAT practice thing (we got our scores back and talked about the test). I thought it was at 7:45, since it was last time…but I dug for my paper to check just in case. It turns out that it was at 9, which was a relief to me, but Jazmin thought it was at 7:45 too. I didn’t want to call her house at 5 in the morning and she didn’t have a cell phone, so I left her a message on MySpace hoping she would see it, even though I knew she probably would check her MySpace in the morning. Here’s the ironic part: Before she left, she wondered about checking her MySpace to see if I sent anything. However, she didn’t because she didn’t think anyone would message her in the morning!

So anyway, I feel so average. I’m average dammit! My practice score was 1580 and the guy said 1500 is average. I was hoping I was not so…average. This summer I really need to buy an SAT book so I can improve. I also need to buy some math books because I want to do well on the math sections and take the SAT Math II. I’ll really need to study because I’m not taking math next year… But I really need to do well on these tests because I’m supposed to be strong in math (since I want to major in the science area). Yeah, such pressure..

But later that evening around 5:30 Thuy picked me up and we went to the beach (Her school’s Key Club was having a bonfire to celebrate the end of the year). I had a nice time. We sat close to the water eating Starbursts (it was cold!). Eventually we migrated and sat on top of the life guard stand (as she was climbing it, I read “KEEP OFF” lol). Of course, some dude driving around in a car told us to get off. We went to watch the others play volleyball and then went across the street to Dairy Queen. The ice cream looked *so* good, but it was freezing, so we settled for fries and popcorn shrimp instead :P It was hilarious…the shrimp really were SHRIMPY. I think the shrimp were no bigger than a centimeter. It was okay though. My right hand was frozen after leaving it out to eat.

We headed back to the bonfire and everyone was eating. It was smokey but warm near the fire. Poor Michael, he got sand in his contacts :( After everyone went to play soccer, Thuy stayed with me and we talked. I’m surprised at how much I didn’t tell her for the past while, but at the same time it’s not too surprising, since I slowly tried to isolate myself. Eventually Michael and Peter came over. Michael tied my shoes! (He was planning to tie them together, but I made him tie them correctly lol) It went by fast, because everyone was cleaning up the area. I helped throw away, like, two plastic plates and then we left since we didn’t bring much! It was the first time in my life where I was warm at the beach at night too! I brought my Saddleback choir jacket (this dude asked me why I wore it if I’m not a Saddleback-er anymore…well because it’s warm and I still love choir/mt @ SHS!) and Thuy gave me a blanket.

Then Thuy drove me home, and along the way we talked some more. It was the first time in a while since I actually got to spend time with her.

And today I woke up early! And there we go, a full circle. haha.