Boy, I am really tired… My usual schedule: sleep for a few hours once I get home, goof off & do homework, then sleep for a few hours before going to school. Today I worked on our project due tomorrow so I’m extremely pooped.

I hate that we’re doing our project at the last minute, but what can you do. I’ve got 15 power point slides on Al Capone as our “Superhero” for our project, but I’d say I still need to actually put in content for a little less than half. Plus I need to work on the comic. I don’t like that I’m working on it by myself, but in a way I asked for it. I don’t trust most people with projects because sometimes they don’t do it at all like they promise and sometimes they are not up to my standards… As egotistical as that sounds… I hate being left with the entire project though.

I’m doing whatever I can to stay awake… Writing in my blog, talking on the phone. It does distract me from the project a little, but, hey, it’s better than me snoozing away until morning.

Gee, how I hate projects.