Today was my English teacher’s (Mrs. Verhaegen) birthday. So yesterday most of my class pitched in a dollar and one of my classmates brought in a cake today. I thought that was very sweet, plus I got a piece of the cake, haha. I should have gotten a piece first. The longer you waited, the smaller the cake pieces were. Also, there were only about 5 spoons and the rest were knives to eat with. Yet again, I waited so I got the knife. I was just trying to be courteous! But I guess the last guy always finishes last :P

I’m kind of pissed off at my family right now. Just the “I’m annoyed by you and would not like to talk to you for a while” type of pissed off. I was telling my mom about making “banana ice cream” without the cream. You just slice up bananas, freeze them, and blend them with milk. She said that wouldn’t make ice cream at all, but I said it was (I mean, I even watched a video of someone making it…haha). Then she said I always question her and argue with her. Well excuse me for not believing she is right every second of the day. There was no need to get that worked up over how to make “banana ice cream”! Sheesh.

My brother has annoying behavior right now too. He seemed a little sad today, so I tried to ask him about it, and when he said the tell-all “nothing” I tried to cheer him up. But it was kind of shoved right back into my face, which puts me in no mood to put on a smile and hop about. So when I gave up trying to be cheery, he kept asking me what was wrong. I told him it was obvious and tried to ignore him. It’s funny. Someone may treat you some way, and it’ll be okay for them. But when you do it back to them, it’s the end of the world and they won’t let it go. I asked him earlier if he changed my location for my SAT Subject Tests, and he said no. He didn’t even try. I’ve been reminding him for the past week and by now it’s probably way way too late to find an open school.

I don’t have much contact with my dad, so he hasn’t been annoying me. But I don’t even need contact with him to be annoyed. He runs around with nothing on but underwear all day. It is nasty and extremely annoying. I wonder if anyone else’s dad does that.

On a different note, I wrote the beginning of another story. Yeah, I always have tons of stories that I never finish, but maybe if I write one that interests me enough, I’ll actually finish one for once. :shock: