I have some very good news. I made it into Chamber Singers! I’m really excited because I haven’t sung in two years (other than in the comfort of my shower!). It’s kind of funny. Ninth grade was the best choir year and musical theatre year I ever experienced. The teacher and the people were the best I could ask for. After I moved schools to my current one, I decided to give them up because I knew the program wouldn’t be the same. However, two years later, I realize senior year is my last chance to perform in high school, so I’m going to give it a try. I’m sure the program here is great too…I just never gave it a chance.

Ironically, my old school SHS, the school I almost refused to leave because of the wonderful choir program, is losing their choir teacher. I was really shocked to hear that Ms. McMahon is leaving for another school. I knew how moody she could be and how ice-cold she could be sometimes, and I even heard complaints about her from a friend, but I never expected her to abandon SHS. I remember at the end of ninth grade, when many of us already decided to transfer over to our new school SFHS, we begged Ms. McMahon to take the job there and become our choir teacher. She refused though, and said SHS was her home and that she would never leave what she worked for.

And here’s the downside: my two other friends didn’t make it into Chamber Singers… I feel extremely happy about my acceptance, but sad at the same time. I wanted to have bonding time with my two friends in choir….just like old times. We were all in choir in middle school, and two of us in ninth grade. I kind of had an air of confidence, and didn’t really expect them not to make it in… I felt pretty bad, especially when Angela came to me bursting in tears when she checked the list. I really want to talk to Mr. Hensen, the choir teacher and somehow get them into the choir. I’m not talking about bribery, I honestly *know* those two girls are terrific singers and they’ve had experience. Auditions make people really nervous and many times auditions don’t show your true potential… I think I’m going to talk to him on Monday, although I’m kind of debating it now… I don’t want to embarrass them and stoop to sweet talking him, but maybe I can just ask him and talk to him.

Yesterday after school, I went out to eat with Los Choys (Mart, Steven, Toh Ny). Actually, I just got a smoothie. It was a huge cup and it wasn’t that great either, lol. Note to self: don’t get smooties with raspberry in it…I hate the little seeds you can chew. Well, Steven was being moody again; I was surprised he even came along with us. When Mart asked him something, he just glared at him and they stared at each other for like two minutes. Toh Ny had to leave early, but as soon as he got up to leave, Steven jumped up and left too. I don’t get it. I don’t even know why Steven came if he was angry. I’m not sure what he was angry at though. Something I said or if he came to an epiphany and hated us.

After they both left it was just Mart and me so we stayed for a while and talked while we tried to finish my not-so-tasty smoothie :P At first when Steven and Toh Ny left, I was thinking, should we leave too? since technically we’ve never really been anywhere alone. But we didn’t, and it didn’t feel awkward. Today I think we’re going to see Pirates of the Caribbean, but I have to do community service today, so if not today hopefully during this three-day weekend.